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Weekly Forecast for 1 Water Star: 30 Nov-6 Dec 08

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From my point of view, this looks to be one of the most spiritually enlightening weeks that you have had for a long, long time.  No telling where this is going to come from, but be open to new insights and possibilities that could easily surprise you.  Nothing nasty in store, just a very deep perspective on a subject that has been close to you for some time.  Not a great week for action, but certainly one to reflect on your core beliefs and principles.  The week starts finding you in a laid back and easy going mode; by midweek you need to allow plenty of time to recharge yourself; by the end of the week you are literally unstoppable! For a much more detailed view of your week ahead, click on the audio player below to sample - free - the first minute or so of my four minute prediction.

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To hear Jon's full in-depth forecast for your week ahead: click here >>


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