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Weekly Forecast for 5 T'ai Chi Star: 7-13 Dec 08

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You’ll be firing on all cylinders this week. You will shine both at work and at play – so take the chance to prosper in all spheres of your life.  You are literally unstoppable this week.  Your enthusiasm and a new-found energy is infectious.  Allow your great sense of pride and strength to inspire all those around you this week.  In particular, at the beginning of the week, lead the way.  By the middle of the week you’re pivotal to your family and your colleagues; and by the end of the week you’ll put your feet up knowing that your wisdom has won the day. For a much more detailed view of your week ahead, click on the audio player below to sample - free - the first minute or so of my four minute prediction.

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To hear Jon's full in-depth forecast for your week ahead: click here >>

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