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Weekly Forecast for 9 Fire Star: 7-13 Dec 08

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A wonderfully laid back week for you!  Take it easy, enjoy yourself and let your hair down.  A lot of the hard work and effort that you’ve put in recently will start to pay off.  Set some time aside this week especially for yourself and make sure that you pamper yourself and rest well.  Make time also for your friends and family in a more light-hearted fashion.  The beginning of the week sees you full of enthusiasm; by midweek, you’re the life and soul of the party; and by the end of the week it seems like you still have more in the tank to party on!  Enjoy.  For a much more detailed view of your week ahead, click on the audio player below to sample - free - the first minute or so of my four minute prediction. 

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To hear Jon's full in-depth forecast for your week ahead: click here >>

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