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Weekly Forecast for 3 Thunder Star: 14-20 Dec 08

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Your normally impetuous and extremely creative Star is having a thoughtful and somewhat introspective week.  There’s no harm in this at all, as it simply means you need to take a deeper look at many facets of your life.  Be clear in all your communication, and really make the effort to follow up any calls or meetings that you have.  Don’t assume that anybody heard you clearly. Double-check that they did,  The week begins on a very powerful note for you, and one in which you can easily gain respect; by midweek, let your knowledge shine through; and by the end of the week, make time for yourself and avoid burning the candle at both ends. For a much more detailed view of your week ahead, click on the audio player below to sample - free - the first minute or so of my four minute prediction.

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