The FAQ Section I Ching Astrology-Meaning of astrological signs, characteristics of zodiac signs and zodiac personality traits. Free Chinese horoscopes monthly and weekly. Fri, 22 Mar 2013 11:28:57 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb I am interested to know the difference between Chinese Astrology and your I Ching Astrology. The most popular system of astrology today is commonly known as either Chinese Astrology or the 12 animals.  This system is actually some 1,000 years younger that the I Ching Astrology that I share with you.  

It uses a different new year – the lunar new year – and that is why the date is a movable feast between January and February based on the new moon.  

In I Ching Astrology the system is based on the year beginning on the first day of Spring which normally is 4th February annually.  

Chinese Astrology works in 12 year and monthly cycles whereas I Ching Astrology works in 9 year 9 month and 9 day cycles.

The two ought not to be inter-mingled.

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The 9 Stars and my Kua number. I am a little bit confused as to whether these Stars relate to what is sometimes known as Kua or a Gua. The term Kua or Gua literally means Trigram.  In Feng Shui this, rather like the I Ching Astrology that I use, is identified by your year of birth based on the new year beginning on 4th February annually.  The difference between this Kua and Gua approach and mine is that in I Ching Astrology no differentiation is made according to gender.  Using the Kua and the Gua then the Trigrams are opposite according to the gender.  

However, in the 9 Stars we take a deeper look at a) the horoscope and b) which House you occupy in any given year.

In some forms of astrology based around Feng Shui, the Kua or Gua is purely used for deciding a) the best entrance for your property b) which directions to sleep, work, cook or face that are more appropriate for your particular Kua.  It is actually quite a rigid system. 

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I am confused about the different between Trigrams and the Stars? What’s the difference? The I Ching is made up of 8 Trigrams that have their symbolism based on the natural world.  In the I Ching astrology that I use, I include one more special Star around which all of these 8 Trigrams rotate - namely the centre which is often known as the Tai Chi.  Therefore, 8 of the Stars do link with the 8 Trigrams for the I Ching and this further one, which I call the 5 Tai Chi Star, is the one around which everything rotates.

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What is the difference between ICA and western astrology? Before dealing with the differences, it is important to note the similarities. Both systems are based on an ancient belief that we can know more about ourselves and how our lives and the lives of others will and can unfold by studying the universe that surrounds us and the effects it has on us. There are also connections between the two systems in the use of elements to characterise specific signs and there are correlations between I Ching Astrology's Birth, Inner and Outer Stars and western Astrology's Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.

Having said that I Ching Astrology is based on the 8 Trigrams of the classic Chinese text the I Ching, regarded as the oldest and most influential book in the world. Western Astrology is based on the movements of the planets through the twelve signs of the Zodiac according to the calendar year. I Ching Astrology uses a nine year cycle, which reduces to shorter rotations through nine month and nine day cycles. I Ching Astrology focuses more on the year of birth than the month of birth as the primary indicator of a person's astrological profile. The I Ching Astrology year starts on 4 February, which means if you are born between 1 January and 3 February you take on the Birth Star of the previous year.

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