Jon Sandifer

In fond and loving memory of
Jon Sandifer
You have inspired so many and will continue to do so


4 Wind Star

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Communicative, and occasionally fickle like your element, you really love a good chat. Your tenderness makes you a good friend as your impulsive nature is tempered by a natural, creative harmony. Common sense blends with your artistic nature.

As a 4 Wind Star, you are capable of wielding the most remarkable influence both close at hand and far and wide. The power of the wind is indisputable. You cannot argue with a hurricane. Yet there is a gentle, yielding side to this shapeless, formless element. Environmental factors can easily sway and change the wind’s course. And for you this symbolism means that your advice and opinions are much sought after, but at the very same time, the wisdom that you so rightly dispense can come under great strain and threat from the overbearing and dominant.

The symbolism for your particular star from the I Ching is that of Wind. This element has two qualities that you may be aware of within your character. Firstly, wind pervades and influences all that is around them. This could mean that you could be very influential in your dealings with others and potentially inspiring. The other quality of wind is that it can be very easily influenced by environmental factors. This translates to meaning that you need to be careful that your opinions, dreams and emotions are not too easily swayed by the views of other around you - particularly if they are overbearing or dominant.

Of all the 9 Stars within I Ching Astrology, you are the most susceptible to change. Others will find you from time to time emotional and changeable in your nature. You need to guard against being too indecisive and if you constantly change your mind or occupation it will undermine who you are in the minds of others

Once you clock that you are extremely susceptible to change, you can chart your course with precision and avoid the pitfalls of haste and indecision. As the “eldest daughter” in the I Ching Astrology family, you have a very trusting – some would say gullible – nature. And this can lead you to finding yourself out on a limb. But no matter how precarious a situation you find yourself in, the penetrating wind of intuition is always with you to provide insight and clarity. Confidence is the key to your dilemma. Keep that focus and the help you can give others will be reward enough in itself for you.

As an intuitive person, you are at risk when flattered; and your raw emotional perspective demands that you must take extra care and make extra effort when dealing with the “fine print” areas of life. With the detail under control, let your Wind fill your sails for a creative and fulfilling ride through your relationships and working life.

In relationships, your Star inspires the 9 Fire Star and is easily kept in check by the 6 Heaven or 7 Lake Stars.

As far as your health is concerned the element Wind in Chinese medicine is associated with the function of the liver and gallbladder. Try to avoid eating late at night and make sure that you chew your food very well and that you are relaxed when you take your meals. Cut back on any ice-cold liquids, cold dairy products, excessively oily foods. And, if you can, develop a powerful penchant for good quality pickles in your diet.

Born under the 4 Wind Star

  • William Shakespeare
  •  Edith Piaf
  • Paul McCartney
  • Joan Collins
  • Harrison Ford
  •  Janis Joplin
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Erica Jong
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Jennifer Lopez