Jon Sandifer

In fond and loving memory of
Jon Sandifer
You have inspired so many and will continue to do so


5 T'ai Chi Star

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Always where the action is. You are sensitive to criticism. But your resilience means that you are never deterred from taking up a challenge and seeing it through to the end. Your enquiring mind and determined nature make you a natural leader.

Whether you like it or not you will always be at the hub of activity, the centre of attention. You are charismatic, a natural people-magnet. Whether in a family discussion or a meeting at work, you will always make your presence felt, and, if you're not careful, the focal point of any ensuing argument.

As a 5 T'ai Chi Star your central position in the I Ching Astrology constellation, you have a unique position of

power and influence. Both friends and clients will naturally home in on you for advice. And you seldom disappoint.

It is no secret that you accomplishments are the result sheer hard work. Many who share your 5 Birth Star have had a struggle early on in their lives. But the robust resilience characteristic of the T'ai Chi always has you bouncing back - no matter what.

People look to your for leadership - whether it's a global corporation, a national charity or the local soccer team - and your fair and grounded perspective ensures you give everyone the chance to reach their potential. As might be expected, once crafted by your practical common sense, it is difficult to sway your opinions. It is often said that natural and gifted leaders make up their minds quickly but change them very slowly.

When it comes to your relations with the other Star Signs: you can easily keep the 1 Water Birth Star from meandering off on some lost course! Equally the 3 Thunder and 4 Wind Stars will get on your case and demand more flexibility from you!

As far as your health is concerned, you need to take care of your pancreas, spleen and stomach. Essentially, this means to take care of your blood sugar levels and your lymphatic system. It would be very easy for you to become stagnant and sluggish. Make sure that you introduce good quality sweetness into your diet at the obvious exclusion of refined sugar. If you do notice yourself getting out of condition then you need to work on this much faster than the other signs. Make sure that your exercise can break you into a mild sweat at least once or twice a week.

Born under the 5 T'ai Chi Star

Albert Einstein                Elizabeth Taylor
Bob Dylan                    The Duchess of York
Usain Bolt                    Patsy Kensit
Richard Branson                Greta Garbo
John McEnroe                    Isadora Duncan