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    General questions about the I Ching Astrology

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    Below are FAQs that are on a technical nature to do with the website. If your answer is not supplied here please email the webmaster and we will endeavour to get you a response as soon as possible.

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    Questions for new users of I Ching

  • I Ching Astrology Sign Descriptions ( 9 Articles )

    Unlike western astrology, which uses your month of birth to establish your Star sign, I Ching Astrology uses your year of birth. It is based on an ancient calendar, the Chinese Solar Year, which runs between 4 February and 3 February the following year. So those born between 1 January and 4 February fall into the previous year according to the western calendar. The descriptions of the 9 Stars dates back to the I Ching itself, giving richness, depth, clarity and simplicity to this tried and tested system.

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    The terms and conditions concerned with using this website

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