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Feng Shui Consultation

A Feng Shui Consultation for your Home or Office

Feng Shui is a fascinating skill that can take years - a lifetime to understand and use. A good consultant can save you a lot of time and effort! They need good lineage and ask them who taught them? What kind of research are they involved in? Feng Shui needs to be taught to them by a Master. A consultant needs to understand and perceive Chi. Do they have a background in this domain? Landscape Feng Shui is so fundamental and yet overlooked by so many so called experts. What 'support' is your property or office receiving?

The Chinese Lo pan compass is a vital tool to read the fate and the Chi of any building. The Flying Stars and the Hexagrams and Compass directions are all incorporated in the Lo Pan - as is your Element from your year of birth!
Jon has all these skills and a unique lineage. His work and results bear witness to this. Testimonials

Follow Up Consultations

This is a very popular request from clients over the years. It could be that I was asked by you to give an initial full consultation when you moved in. This follow up session is ideal if you would like me to drop by and double-check how you have implemented the recommendations.
It can also be that you are planning a new path in the garden, an extension, or wish to redecorate a room. Perhaps you are thinking of changing the layout of the different bedrooms for your children’s needs?
At any time six weeks to three years after the initial consultation, you are very welcome to call to arrange this with me.

Feng Shui House Buying Surveys/Scan

Given that purchasing a new home or even leasing a new office building can be one of the biggest financial commitments that you can undertake, it is wise to get a take from a Feng Shui perspective. Personally I find these surveys extremely satisfying since I’m able, with my skill, quickly to look at the property – even from the outside – make the basic calculations, and give you instant feedback. Provided I have a floor plan from the agent and can take an accurate compass reading, I do not actually need to enter the property.

Ideally you find two to three properties that you have already found suitable for your needs. We then simply arrange a date and a time when you whisk me from site to site and then I sit down with you and go over which property I preferred and why.
The fee for this service is £250. I charge an initial £50 for each subsequent property. I’m quite happy to view up to five properties in one session, provided they are within a fifteen minute driving distance.


What is Involved in a Feng Shui Consultation

Corporate Consultations

When The BBC decided to make a documentary on the Marco Polo buliding, home of ITV Digital, Jon Sandifer was called in to give advice as to whether the Feng Shui of the building may have been having an effect on the businesses inside... Read More About Corporate Consultations

Feng Shui for the Therapy Room / Beauty Salon

As an active Shiatsu practitioner for many years, Jon appreciates the importance of creating the appropriate setting for a treatment. Using Feng Shui principles and his detailed analysis of any space, Jon can advise you on how to make your treatment room special... Read More About Feng Shui for the Therapy Room / Beauty Salon

Nine Star Ki Consultations

Jon is available for one to one readings in his study in Teddington, Middlesex. He will need your date of birth in advance. You will receive a five page printed report of your horoscope indicating which House your Star occupies this year and which directions are best for movement and travel... Read More About Nine Star Ki Consultations

One to One Tuition

You can learn a lot about Feng Shui in workshops and by reading the books and articles. However, nothing in my experience beats one on one tuition with an expert... Read More About One to One Feng Shui Consultations