Jon Sandifer

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Jon Sandifer
You have inspired so many and will continue to do so


I am interested to know the difference between Chinese Astrology and your I Ching Astrology.

The most popular system of astrology today is commonly known as either Chinese Astrology or the 12 animals.  This system is actually some 1,000 years younger that the I Ching Astrology that I share with you.  

It uses a different new year – the lunar new year – and that is why the date is a movable feast between January and February based on the new moon.  

In I Ching Astrology the system is based on the year beginning on the first day of Spring which normally is 4th February annually.  

Chinese Astrology works in 12 year and monthly cycles whereas I Ching Astrology works in 9 year 9 month and 9 day cycles.

The two ought not to be inter-mingled.