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Jon Sandifer
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Friday 15 October 2010

One Minute Wisdom

The Stars of the 33 Chilean Miners



I was elated when the 33 Chilean miners returned to the surface this week. As you know I am passionate about the 9 Stars of I Ching Astrology. I'm always looking and researching into dates of birth, politics, soccer events... you name it!

Looking at these 33 guys and their dates of birth a remarkable yet normal I Ching Astrology observation showed up.

Which is the toughest of the 9 Stars? I always pay huge respect to the 8 Mountain Star. There were nine of the 33 that had this Star.

Who else shows up to be tough or inspiring?

For inspiration look no further than the 9 Star. Six of them.

For leadership and drive you can rely on the 6 Heaven Star. There were five of them.

For the spirit of youth, vitality, stamina, enthusiasm look no further than a 3 Thunder Star. There were five of them. They include the second miner to be released, Mario Sepulveda. This guy already is a star! In addition, the 3 Thunder star in 2011 is in the 9 Fire house of fame and being noticed.

What about pivotal and powerful 5 T'ai Chi Star? In this situation there was only one. (It's best to have only one.) Guess who he was? The only Bolivian in the mine. The remaining miners are made up of four helpful 2 Earth Stars, two diplomatic 1 Water Stars, and finally two 7 Lake Stars playful and amusing Stars.

Many regard that the hero of this remarkable tale of human endurance was the shift boss, Louis Urzua. He had the powerful, grounded and driven 8 Mountain Birth Star. Bravo Louis!

I’ve had my own personal insight into what it’s like to be trapped underground. When I was 19 years old I worked 1,700 feet underground in a copper and gold mine near Tennant Creek in Australia much the same depth and similar conditions to these guys. On one occasion I was alone at 1,500 feet during a power failure that only lasted 30 minutes and in addition I had lost my hardhat and lamp. But that's another story! My point is that these guys endured these frightening conditions for 69 days and I have inkling what it must have been like, but my nightmare was 30 minutes and it felt like eternity.