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Friday 26 December 2008

One Minute Wisdom

What's your Birth Star?

There are nine different Birth Stars in I Ching Astrology and they all relate to one of the eight trigrams in the I Ching and the T'ai Chi itself.

It is important to remember that the I Ching Astrology year begins on the first day of the Chinese Solar Year, 4 February, annually. Therefore, anyone born between 1 January and 3 February, actually belongs to the previous year...

Here's a simple way to calculate your own Birth Star. Here's an example: both Richard Branson and Stevie Wonder were both born in 1950.

Start by adding all the digits in their year of birth:

1+9+5+0 = 15

Add them again to get a figure below 11:


Now take away from 11:

11-6 = 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star

This formula can be used to calculate any Birth Star.

The 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star represents, creativity perspicacity, resilience, vision, taking charge, initiative, enthusiasm and sensitivity. Qualities shared by both Richard and Stevie. For mini profiles of all the Birth Stars go to

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