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Wednesday 16 December 2009

One Minute Wisdom

Beethoven: Brilliant. And bi-polar?

Born in a Bonn this day in the 1770, Ludwig van Beethoven was probably the greatest romantic composer of all time. Sadly, at the age of 26 his hearing began to decline. However, this did not prevent him from continuing to compose and perform.

He also suffered from major mood swings that nowadays might be attributed to bipolar disorder.

What does I Ching Astrology reveal about Beethoven's character and genius?

His 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star gave him a comanding and a controlling presence.

His 1 Water Inner Star gave him his depth, soul and romanticism.

However, it was his 9 Fire Outer Star that gave him the colour, passion and flamboyance that he was so famous for.

Bipolar disorder often manifests in debilitating and erratic behavious: from stillness (Water) to manic states (Fire). His Inner and Outer Stars confirm this potential.

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What is I Ching Astrology?

I Ching Astrology is the most ancient astrological system. Over 5,000 years old, it shares the same heritage and philosophy as the I Ching, the world's oldest book.

As ancient as it is, it is simple to use. You can easily find out:

  • About yourself and the others in your life
  • How best to spend your time and direct your energy in any given month or year
  • The most advantageous places to be in

Deeply rooted in nature, I Ching Astrology was once known as the farmers' almanac. Its signs are named after the elements, the seasons and other imagery from the natural world. Scientists are convinced the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching anticipated the genetic code.

It's amazing influence further extends into the digital age, the father of computer code Gotfried Leibnitz developed the binary system from his study of the I Ching.

Without it, almost unbelievably, you would not be reading this on your computer screen today.

Now with I Ching Astrology, you can start to decode the significance of your Birth Star and your life as it unfolds.

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