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Tuesday 23 December 2008

One Minute Wisdom

Great Mother-New Father

Today is the 82nd birthday of American poet, Robert Bly.

Many regard this bard of Norwegian ancestry as the father of the men's movement in the US.

Do his I Ching Astrology Stars reveal anything about his personality, poetry or passion?

His 2 Earth Birth Star is drawn from the I Ching trigram Mother. Overall this brings out in him a caring and nurturing quality.

His 1 Water Inner Star gives him his depth, spirituality, independence and courage.

But it is his 6 Heaven Outer Star that gives him his sharp edge, clarity and wit.

In June 2004 he recited some of his mytho poetic work at a conference in Maine, entitled: "Great Mother- New Father."

The title summarises his I Ching Astrology profile perfectly!

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