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Tuesday 20 January 2009

One Minute Wisdom

Obama chooses the right day!

Uncannily, the US President-elect Barrack Obama has been "given" a superb day in the I Ching Astrology Calendar to be sworn in for his new job..

In the same way that there are nine different Birth Stars, there are also nine "different" years, months and even days, which all reflect the characteristics of the Birth Stars.

President Obama is the groundbreaking 3 Thunder Star.

Today, 20 January, is a 2 Earth Day. This puts Obama's 3 Thunder Star in the North-west position in the I Ching Calendar matrix; this belongs to the Father archetype and affirms the authority that goes with it. It is the best of days for his 3 Thunder Star to take on the mantle of authority and leadership.

He gets off to a good start.

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