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Your Star in 2010

2010 and Your Star

9 Fire Star

Having spent 2009 in the T’ai Chi position, it’s now time for you to relax and for last year’s efforts to begin to pay off.  Your Star moves to the north-west, which belongs to the Father, within the I Ching.  This means that you will be cloaked by the Father’s influence, which is that of authority, dignity, morality and clarity.  It is time to take life seriously and to get the job done.

As an out going and inspirational 9 Fire Star, it’s time for you to state what you want and stand up for what you believe in.  People will take you very seriously this year and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Examples: Paula Radcliffe, Terry Hatcher, George Bush Jr.

8 Mountain Star

An exciting year of upheaval and change for you.  I always regard this as a time of rebirth, since you actually occupy this central position in the year of your actual birth.  Ages when you occupy this central position are: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, etc.

This is a very important year for you as you are about to enter a major phase of change in your life.  It’s important to meditate, contemplate and get this next phase planned well.  Whatever key decisions you make this year are likely to last for several more ahead!  Examples: Martina Navratilova, Hilary Clinton, Ron Dennis.

7 Lake Star

This year your Star has moved to the south-east, which is one of the most creative and exciting of all the Houses or Palaces that a Star can progress through.  This House is symbolic of spring, the early morning and new beginnings.  It is also the House that belongs to the Eldest Daughter in the I Ching, and synonymous with the element Wind.  It’s a very exciting and fast-moving House.

Make sure that whatever you’ve been growing, developing or building in recent years, that you continue with that strand for now.  Do not get diverted into a different direction altogether.  By all means, weed out what’s not working, but stay on track and the benefits will pay off next year.

Examples: David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, Melanie Griffith

6 Heaven Star

2010 is a brilliant year for you!  The previous two years have seen you in the 1 and 2 Houses, which are the quietest positions to occupy within I Ching Astrology.  Finally, you are now into your spring!  An opportunity to thrive, to embark on new projects, and to allow your creativity to shine through.

Your hardworking 6 Heaven Star nature is really going to enjoy 2010.  Try to keep your feet on the ground and avoid the temptation of channelling your energy in too many directions at once.

Examples: Orlando Bloom, Madonna, Wayne Rooney

5 T’ai Chi Star

Having just spent 2009 in the 1 Water (winter) position, your 5 T'ai Chi Star is in the best position possible to prepare yourself for the future.  Your natural authority, clarity and attention to detail will really shine through this year.  Take advantage, shortly after the beginning of the year (4 February 2010) to let others know what your plans and schemes are.

It is also a superb year to acquire land, property or to exchange contracts.  You are also borrowing the House that belongs to the Mother (south-west) and this position is often associated with relationship as well.

Examples: Kylie Minogue, Harriet Harman,  Richard Branson

4 Wind Star

2009 may have seen you in the limelight or moving at break-neck speed.  The reason being that your Star occupied the Fire position in the south.  You have now migrated to the complete opposite, as you are in the north, and the 1 Water position.  This is the most spiritual, quiet and deep of all the 9 Houses that we pass through.

Take advantage of this time to get in touch with your dreams and re-invent yourself quietly on a very deep level.  Best to instigate the changes physically in 2011 for greater success.

Examples: Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Gordon Brown.

3 Thunder Star

Your lively and outgoing nature would have felt extraordinarily lost during 2009.  The reason being that your Star occupied the 8 Mountain position – the north-east.  However, in 2010, your 3 Thunder Star shoots to the top of the pile as you occupy the Fire position in the south!

This is a year for you to be recognised, be seen and for your ideas and your passion to shine forth.

It is very easy when your Star is sitting in the south to get noticed.  For example, if you’re looking for a new job, without any effort your c.v. will float to the top of the pile!  Brilliant year, and enjoy!

Examples: President Obama, Vincent Cable, Naomi Campbell.

2 Earth Star

After a successful and sometimes laid-back 2009 when your Star was in the west, you are now in the deeper and often more subtle north-east position, known as the 8 Mountain.  This position is widely respected and understood to represent the best place to be for being acknowledged, wisdom and for studying.  Not an easy year for you to communicate or to be heard.

Make the effort this year to really clearly tell people what you want, and secondly listen very, very carefully to what others are saying.

Examples: Her Majesty The Queen, Peter Mandelson, Oprah Winfrey.

1 Water Star

Your gentle, helpful and diplomatic 1 Water Star moves to the west position in 2010.  This is quite a big shift from 2009, when your Star occupied the position belonging to Father in the north-west.  Now you borrow the House of the Youngest Daughter, and she is far less responsible than the Father!  Therefore, be on the look out that people do take you seriously this year.

The west position in the I Ching is known as Joy or the Lake, and a chance for you to unwind, reflect and take life easily.  A superb House, and for once, as a 1 Water  Star, you can afford to allow others to take some responsibility.  .  This year let others take over!

Examples: Kate Middleton, Cameron Diaz, Fernando Alonso.