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Wednesday 17 June 2009

Heaven Sent Support for Brown

It gets better daily for British Prime Minister Brown as he rides out the worst political storm of his career. His sensitive 4 Wind Birth Star already has the 8 Mountain Birth Star of Tessa Jowell by his side and now news emerges that he relies on the support of Ulster Secretary, Shaun Woodward, to prepare his weekly Commons clashes with the Opposition leaders.

Like Jowell, he has been given a base in the Cabinet Office.

You do not find a stronger combination of Stars than Woodward's very easily! His I Ching Astrology profile is dominated by the organised, calm, dignified and reliable 6 Heaven Birth Stars. Prudent, proud and rational, Woodward will provide a sharp edge to temper Brown's famous tantrums.

Other individuals with Woodward's profile have included: A.Wenger, J. Lennon, Pele, Larry Holmes, Jack Osbourne, Charles Bronson, Burt Lancaster, Dan Rather and John Keats.



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