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Jon Sandifer
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Tuesday 16 June 2009

Brown finds his Mountain

Embattled British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has found a British Cabinet Minister to manage him through these turbulent waters of economic recession and a severe battering in recent poor election results for his party.

As a 4 Wind Birth Star he is literally in the Fire position in 2009, it is clearly exhausting him. His Inner Star is the uncommunicative and tenacious 8 Mountain Star and ideally he needs a 4 Wind or 3 Thunder Inner Star to help break him out of this tight spot.

To the rescue is Olympics Minister, Tessa Jowell, who also used to be a social worker. Perfect. She has the no nonsense 8 Mountain Birth Star, but more importantly she has the 4 Wind Inner Star that Brown needs. Furthermore her Outer is Star is Fire while he has the quieter and sometimes evasive or reserved 1 Water Star.



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