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Monday 15 June 2009

Murray on Fire

British tennis star Andy Murray stormed to victory at the Queen's Club in London on Sunday. This is the first men's singles title won by a Brit in over 70 years. The Queens Trophy is widely regarded as the event to monitor prior to Wimbledon which begins in a week's time.

In the 9 Fire year of 2009 in I Ching Astrology, people with the 4 Wind Birth Star are in the Fire House which represents fame and success. Murray has the 4 Wind Birth Star. However, current Wimbledon Champion, Nadal, a 5 T'ai Chi Star is languishing in the 1 Water house-winter and stillness.

Murray needs to keep a sharp eye on Federer -the 1 Water Star- who this year borrows the north west house that belongs to the Heaven or Father Star. This position is usually occupied by the boss! June is also a 1 Water month and that puts Federer centre stage. I see the title going to Federer.



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