Jon Sandifer

In fond and loving memory of
Jon Sandifer
You have inspired so many and will continue to do so


One Minute Wisdom

All change at the top in Japan

Japanese Prime Minister, Yasuo Fukuda, 72 , has just resigned. Born in July 1936 he shares the same 1 Water Star as Nelson Mandela. This is a 1 Water year and a time of upheaval and change for the Water Star as it progresses through the 9 year cycle.

A possible new successor is the current Foreign Minister, Taro Aso who was born in September 1940.

This makes him a 6 Metal Star which in I Ching Astrology represents Father, Heaven and leadership.

This might seem a perfect choice... But timing is always significant, and Aso's Metal Star this year is moving through the astrological equivalent of winter... hardly a propitious time for him.



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