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I Ching Astrology Sign Descriptions

Unlike western astrology, which uses your month of birth to establish your Star sign, I Ching Astrology uses your year of birth. It is based on an ancient calendar, the Chinese Solar Year, which runs between 4 February and 3 February the following year. So those born between 1 January and 4 February fall into the previous year according to the western calendar. The descriptions of the 9 Stars dates back to the I Ching itself, giving richness, depth, clarity and simplicity to this tried and tested system.

1 Water Star

Cool, intuitive, but tenacious too. Your natural sense of adventure makes you flexible, powerful and patient. You do, though, need boundaries to thrive. Without them your life can get unmanageable.


2 Earth Star

A positive, public-spirited team player, your affinity with Mother Earth gives you a grounded, steady approach to life. You are shrewd and supportive, a source of strength and support to your family and friends. 


3 Thunder Star

Strong, energetic, optimistic and powerful. Forthright, frank and honest, you can be prone to grandiosity and impatience, but your lively sense of humour and sensitive insightfulness always save the day.


4 Wind Star

Communicative, and occasionally fickle like your element, you really love a good chat. Your tenderness makes you a good friend as your impulsive nature is tempered by a natural, creative harmony. Common sense blends with your artistic nature.


5 T'ai Chi Star

Always where the action is. You are sensitive to criticism. But your resilience means that you are never deterred from taking up a challenge and seeing it through to end. Your enquiring mind and determined nature make you a natural leader.


6 Heaven Star

Pioneering, original, straightforward, you are not afraid to take charge. Your level-headedness lets you take crises in your stride. Wise in matters both of the head and the heart, you inspire confidence and engender loyalty in your family, community and business dealings.


7 Lake Star

Charismatic with a spontaneous sense of fun and optimism, you are a polished performer. You have a free and independent nature, tempered with a deeper, reflective and spiritual nature. You are articulate and persuasive with a winning charm.


8 Mountain Star

Strong, capable and likely to achieve great prosperity. And you are not afraid to speak you mind. You also have a contemplative side - a need for time on your own to restore the hidden strength you generously share with all. 


9 Fire Star

Natural, active energy drives you to situations where your inspiring and passionate nature can effect positive change. Always in touch with what’s new and interesting, you are proud, not so very practical, but you always see the bigger picture.