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Monday 12 April 2010

One Minute Wisdom

Why bother with the Chi of the Day

The originators of I Ching Astrology keenly observed the changes in nature and how they varied from month to month and year to year.

We know that this most ancient astrological system started out, based on these acute observations, as a farmers’ almanac.

Just as farmers used their knowledge of the energy flow associated with particular periods of time, so can you harvest the best from your life by keeping an eye on how the invisible currents of energy can assist you getting to where you want to go in your life.

Today, we have an 8 Mountain Day, which yields a solid yang Chi – powerful but stable and sometimes introspective. All told a day for examining what you are going and sticking to your guns.

1 Water Star: Even if you could make it happen today, you’d be better off not forcing things.

2 Earth Star: The Mountain Chi will focus you and help you in the task of completion.

3 Thunder Star: Your day in the Fire House energises and empowers you.

4 Wind Star: Gentle, stable Chi gives you the space to embrace your needs.

5 T’ai Chi Star: A sense of fulfilment colours the day with those close to you.

6 Heaven Star: There’s no doubt today: you can do what you set your mind to.

7 Lake Star: Think of a world totally in bloom, and you will feel it too.

8 Mountain Star: Without or within, you will see the way ahead.

9 Fire Star: Keep your own counsel, but know that you can make powerful decisions.

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What is I Ching Astrology?

I Ching Astrology is the most ancient astrological system. Over 5,000 years old, it shares the same heritage and philosophy as the I Ching, the world's oldest book.

As ancient as it is, it is simple to use. You can easily find out:

  • About yourself and the others in your life
  • How best to spend your time and direct your energy in any given month or year
  • The most advantageous places to be in

Deeply rooted in nature, I Ching Astrology was once known as the farmers' almanac. Its signs are named after the elements, the seasons and other imagery from the natural world. Scientists are convinced the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching anticipated the genetic code.

It's amazing influence further extends into the digital age, the father of computer code Gotfried Leibnitz developed the binary system from his study of the I Ching.

Without it, almost unbelievably, you would not be reading this on your computer screen today.

Now with I Ching Astrology, you can start to decode the significance of your Birth Star and your life as it unfolds.

Listen to Jon's brief introduction to this ancient, yet easy to use, system. (Click on the audio player)

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