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Jon has been working in the field of Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, Macrobiotics and Face reading for many years. A selection of cuttings and links to articles is featured here:

The Sunday Times - 14 October 2007

Location, location, sensation?

It might seem like mumbo jumbo, but many buyers swear by the power of feng shui

Why should the direction of a front door affect a purchase? “If you have the opportunity to make probably the biggest investment of your life, you’ve got to make sure it supports you,” says Jon Sandifer, a consultant and former chairman of the British Feng Shui Society.

The golden rule, even with feng shui, is still location, location, location. Buyers, he says, should look at a home’s position, rather than the size of its bedrooms or linen cupboard. The “mountain” (what’s at the back of the property) needs to be solid; the “phoenix”, or facade, should be uncluttered, with as open a view as possible; and there must be support on either side (corner buildings or those next to open spaces often have problems).

An individual’s horoscope is also taken into consideration, as are a seller’s prospects. Try to buy a house from somebody on their way up rather than down; the estate of a deceased person is not a good option.

Sellers can introduce positive chi to get their home to shift, and there are auspicious dates on which to market a property.

Don’t want to move, but feel stuck in a rut? Feng shui, says Sandifer, can help. “You can make adjustments without ripping out walls and spending a fortune. It’s hard, but you must never tell someone to move.”

So, how does my home rate for chi? After Sandifer’s visit, I’m feeling smug. The psychiatric hospital at the back of my converted Victorian flat, far from being a negative, is a solid “mountain”; the building sits in the middle of the street, so is safely supported on either side; and Sandifer goes into ecstasies over my house number, 111. The number one is lucky and linked to vitality, so I have extra rations of energy. All I need do is invest in a headboard to support me while I sleep, and life will be rosy.


The Observer - 4 January 2004

 21 Ways to be better in 2004

 Look better without Botox

Jon Sandifer... is the country's leading pioneer in face yoga. ...he argues that removing tension from the face will reduce the appearance of wrinkles. He recommends the following exercises, which should be performed after you've dotted moisturiser around the relevant area.

The bridge (which helps wrinkles in between the eyebrows) Place your fingers on each side of your nose and gently rotate them in small circles, down along the length of it, and then back up. Breathe in as you rotate the fingers down, and then out as you move the fingers back up. Repeat four times.

The snake (for a fallen chin) With flat fingers, flick your chin from underneath with each hand in turn, breathing in and out deeply. Then, using small movements, rotate the fingertips along the jaw-line and back to the chin, breathing out as your fingers move up towards your ears, and in as you rotate them to the chin. Repeat eight times.

Read more about Jon Sandifer's work on face reading, feng shui and face yoga at


The Observer Review - 2 August 1998

Is your number up?

The last time phone numbers changed, wny didn't they know they would run out of digits again in a couple of years?


Independent on Sunday -21 June 1998

The Life Doctor

By Eleanor Bailey

More excitement in he celebrity world. Boy George, Yoko Ono, Barry Mannilow and a long list of unmentionably famous clients are seeing 74-year-old Takashi Yoshikawa....