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Wednesday 10 September 2008

Collider will, in time, yield great insights

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The world's top scientists will fire up the Large Hadron Collider today in the quest for new knowledge about the origins of our universe and endorsement of their current theories.

Finally conceived today, after a long gestation period, at the CERN centre, near Geneva, the Collider is born under the 1 Water Star - a sign of deep intuition, incubation and exploration. This month is also ruled by the Water Star indicating that further experiments will be necessary to yield any significant insights.

Tim Berners Lee

I Ching Astrology runs in cycles of nine years. And 18 years ago, in 1990, Tim Berners Lee launched the first working model of the World Wide Web at CERN.

So, history is in the making again at this centre of scientific excellence.