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Friday 27 February 2009

Liz Taylor at 77

Legendary Hollywood actress Liz Taylor turns 77 today. Her classic beauty and turbulent love life are revealed in her 5-2-8 I Ching Astrology profile.

Her 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star always puts her in the driving seat of any relationship. Her eight marriages are testimony to that. Always central and commanding she has been the centre of attention in Hollywood for decades.

Her Inner Star is the ultra feminine and delicate 2 Earth Star. This Star is born out of the Mother Trigram in the I Ching and common to many of the world's most beautiful women.

Doing things her way and often against the odds is very typical of those with the 8 Mountain Outer Star. Stubborn, ostentatious but ultimately resilient, this Star has given Liz (pictured in her 1956 movie Giant) the determination to succeed over the years.


Thursday 26 February 2009

Earthy Sandie is 62 today

Bare-foot pop phenomenon, Sandie Shaw, is 62 today.

As a 17-year-old, Sandie was launched into the spotlight in the 60's and endeared herself to the British public by always performing "shoe-less". Was this earthy style manufactured by her manager or was it the real Sandie?

All her Stars in I Ching Astrology are drawn from the Earth Element. Her profile is the 8-2-2 .

Her 8 Mountain Birth Star makes her tenacious and tough.

Her Inner and Outer Stars are both the ultra-feminine 2 Earth Stars. These Stars are drawn from the Mother Trigram in the I Ching which brings out not only earthiness but the warm, gentle and loving side of the female principle.

The 8-2-2 profile is very strong. Others like Sandie Shaw. who have learned to adapt to life's challenges, include: Lord Nelson, Joseph Conrad, Grace Kelly, Oliver Reed and Helena Sukova. Their resilience is legendary.

And, yes, Sandie was definitely doing it her way!

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Wednesday 25 February 2009

The Come Back Kid!

Brazilian born soccer player Eduardo da Silva is 26 today. He has had a very turbulent year both in and out of the spotlight.

His I Ching Astrology profile is the resilient and earthy 8-2- 2. And he has needed all his power as an 8 Mountain Birth Star these past 12 months to overcome one of the worst injuries ever seen on live-TV - just before his birthday last year.

Fresh from a move to Arsenal from Croatia, some thought he would never play again and others even feared he might even lose his ankle.

But true to form for an 8 Mountain Star, Eduardo returned to play for Arsenal a week ago and scored two goals!

Happy Birthday, Eduardo!


Tuesday 24 February 2009

The Oscars - another star quality

Star quality of a different kind helped Oscar winners this weekend.

Danny Boyle, director of best picture, Sean Penn, best actor, Kate Winslet, best actress and Penelope Cruz, best supporting actress, all had very well aspected Stars according to I Ching Astrology.

In this ancient system, each Star moves to a different position or house on an annual basis.

When a Star is in the South or Fire House, it brings fame and success.

When in the East or South East positions it is very easy to "grow" and enjoy success.

Of the nine different houses it is these three positions are associated with success.

Incredibly, these are the houses occupied by the main winners at Sunday's 81st Awards Ceremony.

Sean Penn's 4 Wind Star is in the House of Fame to the South! Danny Boyle and Penelope Cruz with their 8 Mountain Stars are both in the East with its bright horizons. Kate Winslett, a 7 Lake Star, in the South East which represents success and growth.


Monday 23 February 2009

How to calculate your own Birth Star

Now that we're into the New Year by the I Ching Astrology calender, it's the perfect time to calculate your own Star. There are nine different Stars in I Ching Astrology and they all relate to one of the eight trigrams in the I Ching and the T'ai Chi itself.

It is important to remember that the I Ching Astrology year begins on the first day of the Chinese Solar Year, 4 February, annually. Therefore, anyone born between 1 January and 3 February, actually belongs to the previous year...

Take an example, such as John Lennon or Pele, who were both born in 1940.

Start by adding all the digits in their year of birth:

1+9+4+0 = 14

Add them again to get a figure below 11:


Now take away from 11:

11-5 = 6 Heaven Birth Star

This formula can be used to look at any date.

The 6 Heaven Star represents: clarity, dominion, leadership, focus, clarity and accuracy. For mini profiles of all the Birth Stars go, click here>>

And to order a full I Ching Astrology profile giving you insights into your whole persona and a road map for the year ahead, click here>>


Sunday 22 February 2009

Indomitable Kennedy makes it 77

Senior Senator from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy , turns 77 today.

The survivor of the three tragic Kennedy brothers, he has had his fair share of challenges in his life. His grounded and tenacious nature is well noted in his I Ching Astrology profile of 5-2-8. All these Stars are from the Earth element enriching his warm, generous, charismatic and campaigning qualities.

His 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star gives him complete control in most situations. He can command attention in any room or in a debate.

His 2 Earth Inner Star - drawn from the Mother Trigram in the I Ching - gives him warmth and generosity.

But his 8 Mountain Outer Star makes him appear stubborn and confrontational, making him indomitable in his stance to protect the down-trodden.


Saturday 21 February 2009

Frasier is a modest 54 today!

Five times Emmy Award winning actor, Kelsey Grammer, celebrates his 54th birthday today. Star of "Cheers" and "Frasier", Grammer is fun, lively, witty - like his 9 Fire Birth Star.

However, Fire needs feeding and there are times when his character nosedives into self-doubt and despair which is the down side of the irrepressible spirit of Fire.

Grammer's part as Frasier is a perfect fit! His Birth and Outer Stars are the inspiring and breathless 9 Fire Stars. Always in a hurry, full of vanity and continually dreaming of a better world - and periodically racked with angst and frustration.

Grammer is lucky to have the 5 T'ai Chi Inner Star which acts as the glue to hold his temperament together. Always in control on a deeper level, while his actions and appearance would suggest the opposite!


Friday 20 February 2009

Nascar Legend turns 75

Bobby Unser was born today in 1934. An incredibly competitive and thrilling driver, this 75-year-old legend, is one of only seven drivers to win the famed Indianapolis 500 on three occasions. He is a household name in the US.

So what from an I Ching Astrology perspective has been the driving force in his life?

At a glance he is driven by Thunder! Both his Birth Star and Outer Star are the brash, speedy and youthful 3 Thunder Stars. Always on the go and the last to give up!

But central to his character is his tenacious 5 T'ai Chi Inner Star. This Star gives him stability and control under immense pressure. The idea of pushing a racing car beyond 200 mph for him has never been a problem with this combination of Stars!

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Thursday 19 February 2009

Harriet's Time?

Senior British politician, Harriet Harman, has been jostling of late to position herself as a candidate for the leadership of the Labour Party. This would involve ousting current Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, a 4 Wind Star.

I Ching Astrology illuminates both public and private life with sharp insights into who we are and how we relate to others. And as our Birth Stars migrate through the Houses - by day, month and year, we can map out the best course for our lives

Harman has the powerful 5-6-4 profile. It is her 6 Heaven Inner Star that gives her tenacity and drive. Margaret Thatcher shares the same Inner Star in her 3-6-2 profile.

But in 2009 the 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star of Harman's languishes temporarily - in the North House, ruled by winter. Not a good time for her to take on this kind of challenge. Last year she was in the Fire position and then her ambition looked realistic.

As one commentator said yesterday, Harman's leadership would put the Labour Party back in opposition for at least 15 years.

It is all about timing! And it's all in the stars. What more can I say.


Wednesday 18 February 2009

Stuttering Thunder

The England Rugby Union team was defeated for the second time in a month on Saturday. The cause was indiscipline and rash play under astrological duress.

Both coach Martin Johnston and the captain Steve Borthwick (pictured), who must both take the full rap, are both 3 Thunder Stars. And throughout 2009, their Star is badly aspected in the house of the Northeast, or Mountain, signifying poor communication and the spinning of wheels. I looked at the profiles of all the team only to discover that many other players share the same star: Nick Easter, Paul Sackey and Mark Cueto.

The best qualities of the 3 Thunder are speed, agility, flexibility and inventiveness. There is, though, a downside, as we saw over the weekend, which includes rashness and temper..

I Ching Astrology point to the victorious ways of the highly successful Welsh team, the players are mostly 2 Earth Stars and this year their position is in the West - known as Joy or Celebration in the I Ching.

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