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Friday 30 January 2009

Spassky: steely-edged champ

Many serious chess fans will know its Boris Spassky's birthday today. The Russian World Chess Champion from between 1969 and 1972 was born today in 1937.

This gives him the special I Ching Astrology profile of 1-6-9.

His 1 Water Birth Star gives him depth, flexibility, intuition and independence. However, it is his deep, serious, and cutting-edge 6 Heaven Inner Star that gave him the steely confidence of a true champion.

His 9 Fire Outer Star gave him his charisma, his style and brilliance. All in all it is a profile of tenacity, strength and brilliance.


Thursday 29 January 2009

The Mountain Queen

Today is the 70th birthday of one of the best known and respected of feminists, Germaine Greer. Born in Melbourne, Greer achieved notoriety in 1970 with the publication of her best selling "The Female Eunuch".

An accomplished author, journalist and respected scholar: what is it in her character that makes her stand up for change and revolution?

Her Birth Star is the revolutionary- the 8 Mountain Star. Shared in history, for better and for worse, by Mao Tse Tung, Yasser Arafat, Robespierre and Salman Rushdie. Frequently those born under this Star write about change or remind society about justice or the lack of it. Examples include Jung, Dickens, Steinbeck, Dostoevsky, Burns,and Goethe.

Tenacious, talented and self-motivated, her 8 Mountain Star has driven her to great success and continues to be her inspiration.

Her Inner Star is 9 Fire giving her enormous passion and her Outer Star is the precocious and influential 4 Wind Star. For more information on I Ching Astrology profiling, click HERE.


Wednesday 28 January 2009

Happy New Year...but which one?

Millions of Chinese people have just welcomed in the Earth Ox year. This is a relatively modern celebration, based on the ruling Animal of the Year which changes each year at the first new moon after the Winter Solstice.

Prior to this celebration, which began some 600 years ago, the Imperial Chinese Court used the Winter Solstice - in line with Pagan and Roman traditions.

However, there is an even "older" New Year, used in I Ching Astrology, based on the Chinese Solar calendar. It begins on the first day of Spring - traditionally 4 February. It is also the same date that the new month of February begins - this year, a Tiger month. This anniversary predates by at least 1,000 years the Lunar or Animal Year.

Thus I Ching Astrology represents the oldest surviving calendar. In Japan, this is an uninterrupted tradition with 4 February still being the main New Year's Day celebration.


Tuesday 27 January 2009

Chelsy's had enough!

Buckingham Palace confirmed this week that Prince Harry and his long term Zimbabwean born girl friend, Chelsy Davey, have split up.

Can I Ching Astrology shed any light on their relationship?

Harry has the irrepressible, independent and fun loving 7 Lake Birth Star. The Lake Trigram in the I Ching represents the archetypal charming and witty Youngest Daughter. Chelsy on the other hand has the far more serious and responsible 6 Heaven Star. The family association here is with that of the archetypal Father.

The father in most families has an enormous tolerance for the fun, frolics and charm of the youngest daughter. I know that from personal experience, as the father of seven!

However, there comes a point when the Father (Chelsy) has tolerated enough flippancy and signals it's time to get serious. In this case, there is no meeting of minds: the independent 7 Lake Star (Harry) says he wants to carry on partying. And why not... it's in his Stars!

Interesting to note that Prince Charles has the same 7 Lake Star. It's a family trait, or perhaps even a tradition!!

Image from


Monday 26 January 2009

Mourinho: "The Special One"

Celebrating his 46th birthday today is one of the most charismatic and explosive football managers in the world. Born in Setubal, Portugal, José Mourinho successfully coached the Porto team to success before coming to London to manage Chelsea FC and to take them to two League wins in 2004 and 2005 before dramatically leaving the club.

His I Ching Astrology profile is the enigmatic 2-9-7 combination.

His 7 Lake Outer Star gives him his charm, style and wit, but his notoriety comes from his 9 Fire Inner Star which endows him with the pride and self-importance that the media focus on.

But at the end of the day he is reliable - his 2 Earth Birth Star rings true with this.

Whilst he fell out with the management, no doubt some Chelsea fans miss the most successful manager their team has ever had...


Sunday 25 January 2009

To the Lighthouse

Born today in 1882, Virginia Woolfe was an extraordinary author. Her passion, her sensitivity and her emotional extremes are accurately reflected in her I Ching Astrology profile of 2-9-7.

Her 2 Earth Birth Star gave her the reliability and punctuality that publishers appreciate and respect. This certainly opened the doors for her.

Her 9 Fire Inner Star brought her passion and insights to the reader in a most vivid sense.

Her calm and reflective 7 Lake Outer Star gave her the edge in terms of style and elegance.

Sadly, her bi-polar disorder led to her untimely death. The mood swings between yin and yang can often be reflected in the interplay of Fire and the Lake in an astrological profile.


Saturday 24 January 2009

Heaven Star: Hadrian's guiding light

Today marks the birth in 76 AD of the third of the "Five Good" Roman Emperors. Hadrian ruled as Rome's unprecedented power peaked in 125 AD.

Now, when I look at his I Ching Astrology profile of 6-3-8, I can see just why he created his great legacy, which includes the famous wall bearing his name in northern England

His 6 Heaven Birth Star gave him his leadership, strength, dignity and sense of justice. His enormous energy and stamina can be seen in his 3 Thunder Inner Star

He had a tendency to do undertake projects and campaigns the hard way - a trait of the 8 Mountain Outer Star that he possessed.

Confederate soldier, Stonewall Jackson , had the same profile and the same redoubtable character. It is interesting how history can repeat.

Picture: a Roman denarius bearing Hadrian's profile.


Friday 23 January 2009

Django - still the guitar king

Belgian born jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt was born today in 1910. He is still regarded as one of the most influential guitarists in history by today's guitar virtuosos.

He survived first and second degree burns at the age of 18 and despite being left with two virtually paralysed fingers on his left hand, he rebuilt his career as a jazz guitarist.

His deep 1 Water Birth Star actually helped and supported his colleague Stephane Grappelli's 3 Thunder Birth Star in the legendary Quintette de Hot Club de France.

His full I Ching Astrology profile was 1-6-9.

The 6 Heaven Inner Star gave him composure and his 9 Fire Outer Star his brilliance - like fire itself!


Thursday 22 January 2009

Sam Cooke and "The Change"

Civil rights campaigner and soul star Sam Cooke, born this day in 1931, would have been very proud of Barack Obama's inauguration this week.

And, what's more, the President paraphrased the lyrics of his hit "A Change is Gonna Come" in his inaugural address.

Cooke was mainly known for his songwriting skills and his influence on R & B and soul, but he was also well ahead of his time by founding his own record label and publishing company.

His I Ching Astrology profile was 7-6-6.

This gave him the reflective and creative quality born out of his 7 Lake Birth Star.

However, his Inner and Outer 6 Heaven Stars gave him his drive, fiscal acumen, leadership and ambition.

Controversy still surrounds his untimely death in 1964 aged just 33 years.


Wednesday 21 January 2009

Ocean makes it 59!

R&B star Billy Ocean is 59 today. Born Leslie Sebastian Charles in Trinidad in 1950, he took his stage name from the Ocean Estate where he lived in London's deprived Hackney district.

As a 6 Heaven Star he is a natural leader - uncompromising. reliable and hard working. Timing has been superb in his life: he really hit the big time in 1976, his 27th year in the I Ching Astrology calendar, which moves in 9 year cycles.

Every nine years we all have a rebirth. And in 1985, another nine years on, Billy was awarded a Grammy, the musical Oscar, for the Best Male R&B vocal performance.

He also contributed to Celebrity Big Brother contestant La Toya Jackson's successes. Her 8 Mountain Star, the quiet one, actually supports his solid 6 Heaven Star.


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