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Monday 9 February 2009

Campaigning Mia turns 64

Today Mia Farrow, one of Hollywood's most influential actresses, turns 64. She has appeared in over 40 films and has been a voice of reason in many world conflicts. In recent years she has highlighted the plight of the people of Darfur (pictured there, right).

Her I Ching Astrology profile is the deep and sometimes brooding 1 8 7 combination of Stars.

Her 1 Water Birth Star brings depth, soul and intuition to the screen. Water can be changeable, bright and bubbly. Yet it also can be slow and deep. Her 8 Mountain Inner Star evokes her stand for change, justice and fair play.

Her Outer 7 Lake Star reflects her more superficial nature, and is symbolised by the archetypal Youngest Daughter in the I Ching family, who is sweet, charming , outgoing and sometimes naive.

Happy Birthday, Mia!

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Sunday 8 February 2009

Natural born rebel

Born today in 1931, James Dean went on in his short life to "lead" a generation. In his short film career he epitomised alienated youth. His best remembered movie, "Rebel Without a Cause", was, in the 50's, almost revolutionary.

When asked, in the film, what he was rebelling against, he uttered the immortal words: "What ya got?"

So, what gave him his edge from an I Ching Astrology perspective?

I believe it was the two powerful 6 Heaven Stars that he possessed. This Star reflects leadership and innovation. John Lennon had it, as did Jack Kerouac, the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte. These are people who can influence and lead a generation.

His I Ching Astrology profile was 6 5 6.

His Inner 5 T'ai Chi Star effectively doubled up the already powerful influence of the two 6 Heaven Stars. A natural born leader, who died aged just 24, he was nominated for two posthumous Oscars.


Saturday 7 February 2009

New 9 Fire Year

Just a reminder that the new I Ching Astrology Year began on 4 February and heralds new changes for all of us.

As the 9 Fire Star swings into gear, it will influence all the Stars.

As our own individual Birth Stars also move - what is the influence on us?

Begin by finding your own Birth Star here and then listening to the FREE audio that I have recorded which covers the year ahead.

This can help you with strategy and also back up your own intuition!


Friday 6 February 2009

Bob Marley - well remembered

Born today in 1945, Bob Marley brought reggae into mainstream music in the 1960's and 70's.

He died at the age of just 36 in a 1 Water year (1981) and was born in a 1 Water year (1945).

Such nine year cycles are not uncommon in I Ching Astrology often heralding big changes and sometimes these are not always for the best. Other who died on a nine year anniversary include: Jim Morrison, Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe.

Marley had depth and soul-found in his 1 Water Birth Star and his 8 Mountain Inner Star.

His Outer Star of the 7 Lake gave him his enormous laid back and reflective appeal.


Thursday 5 February 2009

Groundbreaking Facebook turns five!

Launched yesterday in 2004, Facebook has taken off as the social networking phenomena of the 21st century.

The launch date was actually perfect - on the I Ching Astrology New Year - and I am sure no coincidence!

Founder, Mark Zuckerberg (pictured), has the sociable and reflective 7 5 7 I Ching Astrology profile.

His Birth and Outer Stars are both the outgoing, sociable, hip and indeed witty 7 Lake Star - always the best listeners and communicators.

However his Inner Star is the tenacious and controlling 5 T'ai Chi Star, which makes sure that he is reliable, in charge and totally focused. This 5 Star also doubles up the impact of his 7 Lake Stars.

Amongst his many achievements is making social networking the most popular destination of web users, overtaking porn some months ago!


Wednesday 4 February 2009

Happy New Fire Year!

The New Year in I Ching Astrology begins today at 00:52 GMT. This now heralds the beginning of a whole new cycle of change in I Ching Astrology.

The new 9 Fire Year will bring insight, clarity and changes worldwide. From the relative coolness and stagnation that 1 Water influence brought in 2008 , I believe that the 9 Fire Year will bring about major shifts in global consciousness which will promote clarity and common sense. And as a result we will see credible and progressive change where it has been needed for a long, long time.

All the Stars will now move to a different House today. I have recorded a forecast for your own Birth Star and its positions in 2009.

To listen to it complete FREE of charge, please click >>>here

Happy New Year to you all, from Jon and the team



Tuesday 3 February 2009

The Day The Music Died

The loss of three of pop music’s seminal figures in a plane crash 50 years ago today is immortalised in Don McLean’s plaintive “American Pie”.

Buddy Holly. Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper all died en route to a gig on their “Winter Dance Party” tour.

Poignantly, 3 February is also the last day of the year in I Ching Astrology, and popular music history echoes McClean’s refrain recognising that these untimely deaths marked the end of an era.

Buddy Holly had the deep and brooding 1 Water Birth Star.

Ritchie Valens had the vital 5 T’ai Chi Birth Star and shared an identical profile with Bob Dylan.

The Big Bopper had the fun-loving, outgoing and influential 7 Lake Birth Star.

Image: Tour poster and scene of tragic crash on 3 February 1959



Monday 2 February 2009

Focus on a literary giant

That towering, and once highly controversial, literary figure, James Joyce, was born this day in 1882

His influence on English literature was profound and his masterworks, “Ulysses” and “Finnegan’s Wake” changed the course of modern writing.

A Dubliner (pictured as a “revolutinary” around 1918) who lived most of his life as an expatriate. he had the I Ching Astrology profile of 2-9-7.

This gave him the 2 Earth Birth Star making him dedicated and reliable – a trait that all publishers appreciate! His passionate 9 Fire Inner Star was reflected in his writing. And his 7 Lake Outer Star gave him a deep, reflective quality and, indeed, some of his extraordinary insights and wit, as well.


Sunday 1 February 2009

Capra and his cosmic connexions

Fritjof Capra, the brilliant Austrian physicist, was born today in 1939. His ground-breaking book "The Tao of Physics" was published in 1975.

Does I Ching Astrology reveal how he had the brilliant insight to assert the connexion between physics and metaphysics, which had gone unnoticed by scientists for centuries?

His I Ching Astrology profile is 8-9-4.

The 8 Mountain Birth Star brought out the revolutionary spirit of enquiry in him. His 9 Fire Inner Star gave him enlightenment, brilliance and the capacity to express his ideas. His Outer 4 Wind Star made him very influential.

However, the 4 Wind Star would also make him difficult to pin down. Typical to his Star, in his recent work he has moved away from physics to the study of the integration of the biological, cognitive and social dimensions of life.


Saturday 31 January 2009

Remember, remember...

The leader of the notorious Gun Powder Plot was today in 1606 hung, drawn and quartered for his leading role in the conspiracy to assassinate King James and members of Parliament the year before.

To this day, people still remember him by burning his effigy on 5 November. In I Ching Astrology Fire destroys Metal, the element that dominates Fawke's chart.

Born in April 1570 his I Ching Astrology profile was 7-6-6. His 7 Birth Star made him deeply reflective and history does show that this Star makes superb orators.

Both his Inner and Outer Stars are the tenacious, focused, and strong-willed 6 Heaven Star.

Image: famous anarchist poster from mid-2oth Century


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