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Sunday 31 January 2010


Guy Fawkes, the leader of the notorious Gun Powder Plot. was this day in 1606 hung, drawn and quartered for his leading role in the conspiracy to assassinate King James and members of Parliament the year before.

His memory is etched on the mind of the British people, who burn him in effigy every 5 November. In I Ching Astrology Fire destroys Metal, the element that dominates Fawke's chart.

Born in April 1570 his I Ching Astrology profile was 7-6-6. His 7 Birth Star made him deeply reflective and history does show that this Star makes superb orators.

Both his Inner and Outer Stars are the tenacious, focused, and strong-willed 6 Heaven Star.

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Image: famous anarchist poster from mid-20th Century


Saturday 30 January 2010

Will Salinger’s death yield literary treasure?

The elusive, seminal and controversial US Author J D Salinger died on Wednesday. Born on 1 January 1919, he shared the same wise and deep 1 Water Birth Star with a galaxy of literary heavyweights Shelley, Solzehenitsyn, Antoine De St Expery, Somerset Maugham, Tolkien, Tolstoy and Ibsen.

His personal claim to literary fame rests principally on the quintessential teenage angst of Holden Caulfield, the hero of his best-selling “Catcher in the Rye,” published in 1951. But I am convinced given his deep and industrious I Ching Astrology profile, we will see more books surface in the wake of his death.

To my mind that it was his deeply reflective 7 Lake Inner Star that gave him a window into the topsy-turvy teenage mind. Sometimes humorous, but always dry and witty, bearers of this Star have unlimited potential to be deeply expressive either verbally or through the written word.

His reclusive nature can be seen in his stoic 8 Mountain Outer Star, with his profound desire to shun the world and find his own space deep inside his own Mountain.

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Friday 29 January 2010

The Mountain Queen Switch Roles

Arch-feminist Australian Germaine Greer turned 71 today. Born in Melbourne in in 1939, this uber-talented and iconoclastic woman is now almost a fixture on British television, especially when brains are required.

Since the publication of her notorious and best-selling “The Female Eunuch” in 1970, her views have transformed. What once would have been held out as consensus feminism has mellowed and deepened. She told the BBC last year that she thought the very notion of “role models” dangerous; and that everyone should look to fulfil their own destinies with their unique array of talents.

So, what does I Ching Astrology have to say about this thought-provoking woman who is an accomplished author and journalist as well as a respected scholar. Her Birth Star is the revolutionary 8 Mountain Star . Shared in history, for better and for worse, by Mao Tse Tung, Yasser Arafat, Robespierre and Salman Rushdie.

Frequently those born under this Star write about change or remind society about justice or the lack of it. Examples include Jung, Dickens, Steinbeck, Dostoevsky, Burns and Goethe.

Tenacious, talented and self-motivated, her 8 Mountain Star has driven her to great success and continues to be her inspiration.

Her Inner Star is 9 Fire giving her enormous passion and her Outer Star is the precocious and influential 4 Wind Star, which gives her the ability to reinvent herself.

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Thursday 28 January 2010

Former Stone still sings the Blues

The stormy world of rock music has always had its casualties and those who got left behind – and you have to look no further than the landed gentry of pop, the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

The Strolling Bones still strut their stuff with geriatric abandon, but Dick Taylor, like Beatles has-beens Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe, does not make the current roster.

Born this day in 1943, Dick’s 4 Wind star profile meshed perfectly with the white-Blues pioneers’ - Jagger, Richard and Jones - Star combinations, but two separate twists of fate saw him being replaced by Brian Jones on lead guitar and then Bill Wyman on bass.

He was not to be deterred from pursuing his musical destiny and still plays with the Pretty Things, whose longevity almost matches the Stones, founded in 1963. He once more plays lead guitar – which was his definite preference.

Like John Mayall, another 4 Wind Star, he pursued with a palpable and definite persistence the cause of promoting the Blues in the UK Rock scene. And whilst his name is not up in lights, his contribution is not forgotten.

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Wednesday 27 January 2010

Yin and Yang blend in Wonderland creator

Who knows what the creator of Alice in Wonderland and the Jabberwocky would have made of I Ching Astrology’s main elements: Yin and Yang?

But, born this day in 1832, Lewis Carroll’s I Ching Astrology profile reveals a fascinating and rich texture of both Yin and Yang: of creativity, clarity, drive, focus and imagination.

Born Charles Dodgson into a family with a long tradition in the British military, Carroll had the charming and reflective and almost child like 7 Lake Birth Star. This Star is drawn from the Lake or Joy Trigram in the I Ching and literally means reflection. It brings with it both the gentleness. independence and humour of the Youngest Daughter, who represents this Star in the archetypal I Ching family. It was definitely the manifestation of this amazingly imaginative quality that enable him to enchant generations of children.

But there was some serious Yang in his make up also. The clear, direct and rational 6 Heaven Star shows up in both his Inner and Outer Star. He was also a mathematician, photographer and an ordained Anglican deacon. All that Yang concealed his hidden Yin of creativity and genius, but it gave him the necessary drive and energy to produce a prolific artistic output.

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Tuesday 26 January 2010

Harry and Chelsy, still star-crossed lovers?

The on-off relationship between Prince Harry and 24 year old Zimbabwean Chelsy Davy is on again. If reports in the British press are to be believed.

My previous blogs on the newsworthy prince was that his charming 7 Lake Birth Star might prove to fancy-free and independent for the more serious aspirations of lawyer-in-training Chelsy with her dedicated and loyal 6 Heaven Birth Star.

But, as usual, the interplay of I Ching Astrology’s nine Birth Stars is totally fascinating, not least because we all have a bit of every Star in our make-up. But in the case of this “media super-couple”, Chelsy’s 6 Star likes to lead and take control. Whereas Harry’s 7 Lake Star tends to hang loose and lets him charm his way through most of life’s situations. A more unseen dynamic in this ancient astrological system is the interplay within the archetypal I Ching family from which the Birth Stars draw many of their attributes. 6 Heaven Stars represent the archetypal Father who always adores and puts up with all kinds of nonsense from the sweet and –oh so- charming Young Daughter – represented by, you guessed it, the 7 Lake Star. (I should know. I have seven children and my youngest daughter is only 10 but I am totally convinced that butter doesn’t melt in her mouth; she can do no wrong in my eyes.)

So whilst Harry might find Chelsy a tad too controlling, there is another element which makes Chelsy irresistible to him and vice-versa.

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Monday 25 January 2010

What Does a 3 Thunder Day do for you?

The Nine Stars of I Ching Astrology rotate in a cycle bringing change to the energy and quality of each day, week, month and year. The 3 Thunder Star governs the energy today.

So, what does today hold in store for your Birth Star? First you need to find out your Birth Star: click here.

Once you know – get the flavour of the day below and then read your week-ahead full forecast – click here – then hear my in-depth recordings for deeper guidance into the week, month and year ahead: click here.

1 Water Star – You are in your spring today and are unstoppable!

2 Earth Star – A very creative day – do not get carried away!

3 Thunder Star – Try and keep still today and allow others to come to you.

4 Wind Star – You’re the Boss today.

5 T’ai Chi Star – It’s party time so just relax and enjoy.

6 Heaven Star – Be very clear in your communications today.

7 Lake Star – The best possible day currently for you to get noticed.

8 Mountain Star – Avoid burning the candle at both ends today.

9 Fire Star – The perfect day for the one you love!

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Sunday 24 January 2010

Speed born out of Fire and Thunder

With I Ching Astrology, you can see deep into a person’s character. Scott Speed, who turned 27 today, raced across my radar yesterday. I have no idea what he is like but his potential is completely obvious to me. Anyone with a 9 Fire Birth Star will have a degree or two of flair, passion and drive. No matter what field of endeavour. Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin were all born under this successful and sometimes impulsive Star.

Race car driver Scott Speed was born today in 1983. He also has lashings of stamina and enthusiasm. Always full speed ahead. This is born out by his explosive 3 Thunder Inner Sta, which also sometimes makes him impatient or rash.

Yet he seems cool and laid back. It is an illusion! What you see is a calm exterior born of his shrewd and dedicated 2 Earth Outer Star – which is just what he chooses to show the world.

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Saturday 23 January 2010

The Yin and Yang of Manet

Influential French artist Edouard Manet, born today in 1832, demonstrates clearly the truism that we all have Yin and Yang in our natures. His extraordinary I Ching Astrology profile mirrored his talents as an artist. He is credited for his major role in the seismic transition in artistic Movements - from the Yang of Realism to the Yin of Impressionism in the latter part of the nineteenth century

Manet (pictured here in his Self Portrait from 1879) had the gentle and reflective 7 Lake Birth Star. This brought out a sensitivity in his nature that he could actually express, in his own way. This Star is drawn from the Lake or Joy Trigram in the I Ching and belongs to the charming Youngest Daughter. The Yin quality of Impressionism.

Reality, dignity, accuracy and focus come from the 6 Heaven Star. Realism: life portrayed as it actually is, confidant and faithful to the eye. Yang. Manet had both the 6 Heaven Inner and Outer Stars in his I Ching Astrology profile.

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Friday 22 January 2010

Sam Cooke and "The Change"

Civil rights campaigner and soul star Sam Cooke, born this day in 1931, would have been very proud of Barack Obama's inauguration just two days from what would have been his 78th birthday last year

The President actually paraphrased the lyrics of Cooke’s legendary hit "A Change is Gonna Come" in his inaugural address.

So what insights does I Ching Astrology have to offer about this remarkable musician? His profile was 7-6-6.

This gave him the reflective and creative quality born out of his 7 Lake Birth Star.

However, his Inner and Outer 6 Heaven Stars gave him his drive, fiscal acumen, leadership and ambition.

So the profile is an exact fit: Cooke was not only recognised for his song-writing skills and posthumously for his seminal influence on R & B and soul, but he proved well ahead of his time by founding his own record label and publishing company.

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