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Monday 29 December 2008

Midnight Cowboy

Jon Voight, Hollywood actor and estranged father of Angelina Jolie, turns 70 today. His epic appearance in 1969 in "Midnight Cowboy" with Dustin Hoffman set him on the road to a glittering career.

I believe that his I Ching Astrology Profile truly reflects his real nature.

His tough, stubborn and intractable qualities are a very good mirror of aspects of his 8 Mountain Birth Star.

His independence, evasiveness and desire to do things his own way are well reflected in his 1 Water Inner Star.

The spirit of youth, impetuosity and stamina are expressed in his 3 Thunder Outer Star.

This 8-1-3 profile is an explosive mix! Jon is not a person to cross, as he will have the memory of an elephant and never forgets!


Sunday 28 December 2008

Denzell's Day!

Happy birthday to Denzell Washington who turns 54 today. The award-wnning actor and director was the second black American (after Sidney Poitier) to win an Academy Award. He received his gong in 2001 for his role in "Training Day".

Denzell is a devout Christian and has four children. His 1 Water Birth Star gives him depth and soul.

His 7 Lake Inner Star brings out his humour, fun and independence.

But it is his 8 Mountain Outer Star that gives him a rugged, tough and stoic expression and appearance - which is his successful stock-in-trade as one of the greatest thespians of his generation.


Saturday 27 December 2008

Pinter will be sorely missed

World acclaimed playwright, screenwriter, director and actor, Harold Pinter, died aged 78 on Christmas Eve.

A Nobel Laureate, he was also a passionate pacifist and his Stars in I Ching Astrology reflected this stance.

His 7 Lake Birth Star, derived from the Trigram the Lake or Joy or The Youngest Daughter, gave him a reflective and deeply concerned spirit.

His 9 Fire Inner Star empowered the passion of his beliefs.

However his 3 Thunder Outer Star gave him the energy, wit, stamina and indeed "anger" at issues that he held close to his heart and conscience.

It is at times like this that humanity needs the voice and honesty of people like him. He will be sorely missed.


Thursday 25 December 2008

Happy Christmas: a star controversy

Today the Christian world celebrates the birth of Christ in Bethlehem 2008 years ago. But controversy continues to this day about the actual date of Christ's birth?

One astronomer claims that a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on 17 June, 2 BC, created the Star of Bethlehem.

Another astronomer speculated that Venus appeared behind the Moon on 2 March, 6 BC, creating the impression of a massive star that would have been visible that night in the Middle East.

So, who's birthday was really on Christmas Day?

Legendary Hollywood actor, Humphrey Bogart, was born in 1889 and British broadcaster and comic genius, Kenny Everett in 1944. Their I Ching Astrology profile was the same 2- 1- 6.

And we can also wish campaigning diva, Annie Lennox, a very happy 54th birthday today.

Friday 26 December 2008

What's your Birth Star?

There are nine different Birth Stars in I Ching Astrology and they all relate to one of the eight trigrams in the I Ching and the T'ai Chi itself.

It is important to remember that the I Ching Astrology year begins on the first day of the Chinese Solar Year, 4 February, annually. Therefore, anyone born between 1 January and 3 February, actually belongs to the previous year...

Here's a simple way to calculate your own Birth Star. Here's an example: both Richard Branson and Stevie Wonder were both born in 1950.

Start by adding all the digits in their year of birth:

1+9+5+0 = 15

Add them again to get a figure below 11:


Now take away from 11:

11-6 = 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star

This formula can be used to calculate any Birth Star.

The 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star represents, creativity perspicacity, resilience, vision, taking charge, initiative, enthusiasm and sensitivity. Qualities shared by both Richard and Stevie. For mini profiles of all the Birth Stars go to


Wednesday 24 December 2008

Far Side of the Moon

On Christmas Eve in 1968 Apollo 8 was the first manned space craft to venture to the dark side of the moon. The brave astronauts that night were Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders.

To the biggest recorded TV audience in history to that date the men recited, in turn, the first ten verses of Genesis from the Bible.

1968 was a 5 T'ai Chi year- and these are always "turning point" years. It paved the way to realise JFK's dream of landing a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s.

Picture of the Mission Insignia bearing the astronauts names.


Tuesday 23 December 2008

Great Mother-New Father

Today is the 82nd birthday of American poet, Robert Bly.

Many regard this bard of Norwegian ancestry as the father of the men's movement in the US.

Do his I Ching Astrology Stars reveal anything about his personality, poetry or passion?

His 2 Earth Birth Star is drawn from the I Ching trigram Mother. Overall this brings out in him a caring and nurturing quality.

His 1 Water Inner Star gives him his depth, spirituality, independence and courage.

But it is his 6 Heaven Outer Star that gives him his sharp edge, clarity and wit.

In June 2004 he recited some of his mytho poetic work at a conference in Maine, entitled: "Great Mother- New Father."

The title summarises his I Ching Astrology profile perfectly!

Image from


Monday 22 December 2008

Happy New Year - yes already!

I Ching Astrology uses the first day of Spring in the Chinese Solar Calender- 4 February- as the traditional starting point of the year. This date is also used by several other systems of astrology that emanated from China and Tibet.

However, in the Imperial Court of China, great respect was paid to the Winter Solstice. Traditionally 21 December was the equivalent of their New Year's Eve and 22 December, New Year's Day. This, of course, exactly matches the celebratory year of the contemporary pagan cultures in Europe: with the Solstices marking the beginning of a whole new cycle,  from hibernation towards germination and rebirth, and the reverse.

From either perspective, Southern or Northern hemisphere, the Solstices always represent a turning point in the year.

I wish you a Happy New Year!


Sunday 21 December 2008

A Light in the Dark

Born on the Winter Solstice of 1118, Thomas à Beckett became King Henry II of England's most trusted advisor and mentor, but finally his implacable adversary.

He rose to become the Lord Chancellor of England and later Archbishop of Canterbury.

His martyrdom at the hands of Henry's knights was triggered by the king's now infamous words: "Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?" Becket was canonised a saint soon after his death.

The Birth Star of Henry was a 3 Thunder Star. This was the fuel and indeed support for Becket's own 9 Fire Star. But as a partnership, Thunder and Fire, can prove volatile. And his relationship with Henry became an almost archetypal battle between church and state.

Becket's 9 Fire Birth Star made him an inspiration and a natural leader and spiritual guide.

In fact Henry II sent his eldest son, Henry, to live with Beckett. His son later declared that he received more love, inspiration and support in a day from Beckett than he had received in a lifetime so far from his own father. Perhaps yet another source of animosity between the two men, who were once such close friends.

Picture of Richard Burton, as Becket, in the 1964 film of the same name, from:


Saturday 20 December 2008

It's in his elements...

Born in on 20 December 1946, the ever youthful Uri Geller is 62 today.

Does I Ching Astrology provide any insight into his extraordinary skills and his talent for reinvention? The three Stars that make up his I Ching Astrology Profile include: Fire, Wind and Water - all powerful and elusive elements.

His 9 Fire Birth Star gives him the tendency to show off and inspire.

His 4 Wind Inner Star makes him changeable and intuitive.

His 1 Water Outer Star gives him that elusive presence and style.

It is curious to note that Houdini and David Blaine both share the same profile.

Image from:


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