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Wednesday 22 July 2009

The Most Trusted Man in America

Last Friday it was announced that legendary US broadcaster, Walter Cronkite had died at the age of 92. His reassurance and steady presence will be remembered during the jubilation of the Apollo landing but also the shock of JFK's assassination and the horrors of Vietnam.

In I Ching Astrology he had the perfect profile to bring calm and trust.

He had the bright and enthusiastic 3 Thunder Birth Star - from the Eldest Son in the I Ching. He had the solid, moral, reliable and trusting core from the 6 Heaven Inner Star - The Father. Finally his calm amd caring and reassuring presence was revealed in his 2 Earth Outer Star - The Mother Trigram.

He ended his broadcast with: "And that's the way it is ."


Tuesday 21 July 2009

Fire and Fame for Stewart Cink

The US golfer, Stewart Cink, edged his way to a win over Tom Watson in Scotland on Sunday. Watson has the powerful and steely 6 Heaven Star and looked as if he may make history by repeating his win of 26 years ago.

But on the last day, Cink, who has the charismatic 9 Fire Birth Star, took the lead. In July and in 2009, his Star rules the roost during this Fire month and year.

Both men appeared very sporting at the end. In fact they both share the same 3 Thunder Outer Star. This Star is about stamina and drive. In I Ching Astrology when you share the same Outer Star you frequently get on very well and have a similar outlook, drive and sometimes temperament.


Monday 20 July 2009

Sir Edmund Hillary brought Fire to the Summit of the World

Back in 1953, New Zealander Hillary and his Nepalese companion Sherpa Tenzing, made it to the top of the world - Sagarmatha.

Hillary had the ambitious and inspirational 9 Fire Birth Star as well as the 9 Fire Inner Star. A combination of drive, success and eventually fame. Tenzing was the solid, reliable and tough 5 T'ai Chi Star. But his 8 Mountain Inner Star gave him the drive, determination and strength to conquer Everest. History often asks who supported who. Hillary always nobly stated that they both shared the lead. But I Ching Astrology does suggest that the two 9 Fire Stars of Hillary actually supported the Earth qualities of Tenzing's Mountain and T'ai Chi Star.

Hillary was born today in 1919.


Sunday 19 July 2009

Amiable Strangers

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the successful Apollo 11 mission to put a couple of men on the moon. Today at the Smithsonian Institute, the crew of Apollo 11 will share their stories and debate the future of space travel. Despite their adventure, they rarely connect now and regard themselves as "amiable strangers".

Collins and Armstrong share the same cool and independent 7 Lake Birth Stars. Buzz Aldrin has the determined and justice seeking 8 Mountain Birth Star. Of all the three I would hazard a guess that he would be the most outspoken, we shall see tonight!

But for all the independence that their Stars share they all have one Star in common in either their Inner Star-Collins and Aldrin-or in their Outer Star-Armstrong. That Star is 9 Fire and goes with territory of their continual fame that comes with their historic mission 40 years ago.


Saturday 18 July 2009

Mandela - an Inspiration

Born today in 1918, Nelson Mandela has the enigmatic, tenacious and hardworking 1 Water Birth Star. In I Ching Astrology the Water Star represents the Middle Son in the family. This position is regarded as one of fairness and the Middle Son is always looking for a win-win situation and are often the best diplomats, lawyers and arbitrators.

A lot depends on who is running the 1 Water Star. In Mandela's case it is his two 3 Thunder Inner and Outer Stars. These give him tremendous drive, passion and intensity. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, had the same I Ching Astrology profile and lived to see a century.

By coincidence, my mother was born on the same day, month and year as Mandela.


Friday 17 July 2009

Konnie the Big Kid

British children's TV presenter, Konnie Huq was born today in 1975. As the father of seven and the grandfather of one, it is useful to know who is entertaining the youngsters after school!

Konnie is perfect. She has the fun loving, outgoing, talkative and entertaining 7 Lake Birth Star. This Star also represents in the I Ching the position of the Youngest Daughter in the I Ching family. Charming, artistic and the life and soul of the party.

Under the surface Konnie has the effervescent, youthful and creative 3 Thunder Star. Always on the go, loud and again - entertaining.

Superficially she is colourful, witty and loud. Children love that. Also it is a true reflection of her 9 Fire Outer Star.

A perfect kids presenter. Not like a Jeremy Paxman, the Newsnight presenter who will go for anyone's jugular! It is in his Star's, also!


Thursday 16 July 2009

Flintoff calls it a his Winter

All the Stars in I Ching Astrology rotate through a nine year, nine month and even nine day cycle. These phases are all like mini seasons and are known as Houses or in the Imperial Court they were known as Palaces.

Imagine if your Star was located in the North - Winter by the year and also by the month? It happens to us all for a month every nine years. For the bold, determined and strong 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star they are in this one month window of Winter at present. It often leaves us vulnerable, tired or literally operating at only 60%.

English cricketer and hero Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff has decided to call it a day due to ongoing injury problems at this very point in the cycle as a 5 Star. Today the Second Test begins against Australia and England have one of their strongest players announcing his retirement. Not good for English cricket but does prove the accuracy of I Ching Astrology. See my post on the ashes here.


Wednesday 15 July 2009

Happy Birthday David

The UK's version of the US Secretary of State's role is the British Foreign Secretary, David Milliband. He was born today in 1965 and although 18 years her junior, shares the same 8 Mountain Birth Star as Hillary Rodham Clinton. This Star is persistent, tenacious, ambitious and obstinate. However the 8 Mountain Star always stands up for justice and is an ach defender of the defenceless.

Milliband is a social democrat and also a leadership contender as the future Prime Minister of the UK. The 8 Mountain Stars make excellent police officers and that is effectively what these two individuals are doing on a global scale.

Clinton has the more rash and impatient 3 Thunder Inner Star where Milliband has the much cooler and restrained 6 Heaven Inner Star. Alistair Campbell calls him "Brains" from Thunderbirds but others see him more as the hapless Mr Bean.


Tuesday 14 July 2009

"Never Trust Anyone Over 30"

Born on the same day as the anniversary of the French Revolution, 60's militant, Jerry Rubin, was born today in 1938. His revolutionary and wilful spirit got him into plenty of hot water as an activist and leader of the yippies. However he did have the tenacious and argumentative 8 Mountain Birth Star which he shared with the likes of G Greer, C Dickens, Steinbeck, Mao Tse Tung and Arafat. The 8 Mountain Star is born out of the Mountain trigram in the I Ching and symbolises the spirit of adventure and persistence that comes with the Youngest Son.

Deep down he had the serious and confident 6 Heaven Inner Star. But on the surface he had the entertaining, persuasive and sometimes calculating 7 Lake Outer Star. He was killed in a car crash in 1994.


Monday 13 July 2009

Mark Webber is the Rising Heaven Star

Australian Formula 1 driver won his first Grand Prix in Germany on a Sunday. His I Ching Astrology profile has all the qualities to make him a winner but success has alluded him so far. It is all down to timing - and of course his car.

Webber has the polished, driven and focused 6 Heaven Birth Star. Always the Star of a leader. He draws great strength and tenacity from his resilient 8 Mountain Inner Star. His speed,reactions and sheer determination can be seen in his youthful 3 Thunder Outer Star.

2009 and all of July this year are driven by the 9 Fire Star. This puts his 6 Heaven Star in the house of the 2 Earth Star and signifies preparation. He will start a roll of success from now into next season when he enters the 3 Thunder House of Spring and new beginnings.



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