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Sunday 12 July 2009

Bill is all Fire!

Veteran American actor, producer, writer and comedian was born today in 1937. This gives Bill Cosby the flamboyant and bright 9 Fire Birth Star. In the entertainment world, having 9 Fire somewhere in your I Ching Astrology profile, really gives an actor a presence on the screen.

Bill takes it further than that. He also has the 9 Fire Inner Star which comes alive under pressure or when he is performing. This brings out his passion, brilliance and insight.

He can direct, produce, act or hold a whole room in stand up comedy. Having the controlling 5 T'ai Chi Outer Star gives him this capability. Either quietly or in a raucous way, he will always hold the situation together. Happy birthday, Bill.


Saturday 11 July 2009

Yul Brynner....... The Russian Mountain

Born today in 1920, Russian-born actor, Brynner had the tenacious and a solid 8 Mountain Birth Star. This tough Star is always synonymous with individuals who stand up for justice and revolution. They rarely suffer fools gladly and are frequently powerful foes. Brunner's screen character in many ways mirrored the energetic, adventurous and revolutionary 8 Mountain Star.

His real strength and dignity came from his 6 Heaven Inner Star which made him very reliable, proud and stylish.

To cap it off, his 7 Lake Outer Star produced a polished and passionate performance that would be ultimately entertaining and very expressive.

He shares the same I Ching Astrology profile as: Arlo Guthrie, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Camilla Parker Bowles.


Friday 10 July 2009

Arlo Guthrie - making a stand

Born today in 1947, folk singer and composer Arlo Guthrie is a true representation of the 8 Mountain Birth Star. They always stand for change and revolution. They are there to defend the defenceless and will always speak out at social injustice. Avoid crossing them as they have the memory of an elephant and do not suffer fools gladly. Every family and communuity needs a no nonsense 8 Mountain to challenge the selfish and to motivate those around them.

The 8 Mountain Star is the independent Youngest Son in the I Ching. Interestingly, his father, Woody Guthrie was the 7 Lake Star - the equally independent and vociferous Youngest Daughter.


Thursday 9 July 2009

Australia v England The Ashes

For those not familiar with cricket I will not bore you with detail. Suffice it to say that rivalry in all sports is present but is never more passionate than England and Australia in the Ashes cricket series. The burning question..who is going to win!

I looked at the dates of birth of the key players and their skippers. The English team have I Ching Astrology Stars that are superb. Plenty of the controlling 5 T'ai Chi Stars- including their captain-and the leadership qualities of the 6 Heaven Star. But in 2009 and in particular July, their Stars are half asleep.

The Aussies have so many Stars that are wide awake in their team. The team, including their skipper Ponting, is riddled with 7 and 8 Stars that this year are on a roll in the Houses that represent youth and enthusiasm. Luckily, for England, their rising 3 Thunder Star, Phillip Hughes, shines next year! Based on the team's Stars I predict an Australian win.


Wednesday 8 July 2009

Robert McNamara - The 3 Thunder Star

For decades the most influential man in US foreign policy made a huge impact. His death this week aged 93 will leave many with mixed feelings. On one hand he sought to save lives by insisting on the fitting of seat belts in cars but at the same time sent thousands to their death in Vietnam. What drove this man?

He had the progressive, insightful and at times rash 3 Thunder Birth Star. The spirit of youth and enthusiasm.

Under the surface he had the cool, independent, self-assertive 1 Water Inner Star.

But he was driven by his calculating, persuasive and polished 7 Lake Outer Star. This made him at times rigid and inflexible. He shared the same I Ching Astrology profile in history as Cecil Rhodes who opened up southern Africa to trade and colonial rule.


Tuesday 7 July 2009

The Fire Month begins today with a full moon

July the 7th sees the new 9 Fire month begin in I Ching Astrology. This month actually mirrors the Fire Year of 2009 and all of our Stars are likely to feel it's presence.

The 4 Wind Star especially-it puts them in the Fire House of fame and passion!

The 9 Fire Star is in for changes and possible new directions.

The 6 Heaven Star is on the edge of a breakthrough this month!

The 5 T'ai Chi Star is dreaming and scheming..

The 3 Thunder Star needs to listen carefully and share their wisdom and experience.

The 1 Water Star is in charge this month-the boss!

The 7 Lake Star is creative and quick.

The 8 Mountain Star is on a roll this month.

The 2 Earth Star is in holiday mode..enjoy!


Monday 6 July 2009

Sarah calls it a day

The exuberant and enthusiastic 9 Fire Star, Sarah Palin, has decided to step down as Alaskan governor later this month. Her timing is very critical as this a real turning point month for any 9 Fire Star.

The reason being is that 2009 is a 9 Fire Year and usually some kind of major change or breakthrough occurs for the Star that is ruling the roost-this year the 9 Fire Star.

To compound the situation the month of July-which begins on Tuesday-is also a 9 Fire Month. Double levels of re birth and change in store for the Fire Stars at this time. This window only shows up every 9 years and it can be a very positive turning point or change of direction.

I hope Andy Roddick-9 Fire Birth Star-stays in tennis after his heroic efforts at Wimbledon yesterday! Congratulations to Federer-1 Water Star-for an amazing record.


Sunday 5 July 2009

Ellis Park, Johannesburg - The Lions Den

The British and Irish Lions rugby team mauled the South African Springboks in the third and final Test on Saturday. A raw display of pride and chi from the Lions as they won the game, but lost the series. Man of the match was the pint sized Welsh assassin, Shane Williams, who has struggled with form and fitness but yesterday won the game for the Lions.

His powerful and controlling 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star is in the quiet 1 Water House in 2009. It certainly mirrors his form this season. But in June his Star rose to the 9 Fire House and that brings with it fame and passion. June ends on the 6th of July in the I Ching calender, giving him the chance to shine until then. Shine he did!


Saturday 4 July 2009

July 4th, 1776 The Mountain Year

Looking back to this important date in American history is actually quite revealing from an I Ching Astrology perspective. The birth of a person, the formation of a company or in this case a country can all be looked at in terms of timing.

1776 was an 8 Mountain Year. The 8 Star stands up for change, justice and revolution. The 8 Star belongs to the Youngest Son in the I Ching and he can be independent, free, revolutionary and persistent.

July 4th still sits in June in I Ching Astrology and here the month was governed by the 7 Lake Star who also seeks independence. This is the Youngest Daughter in the I Ching. Here you have the two youngest members of the family joining forces to create something new without Ma and Pa and their elder siblings. The combination stands for the spirit of youth and optimism without worrying about the long term consequences.


Friday 3 July 2009

Tom Cruise - The Reliable One

Hollywood star, Tom Cruise was born today in 1962. What makes him so appealing to Hollywood producers and directors? Personally I have never understood the appeal but I am curious as to why he is so successful. It is all down to his I Ching Astrology

To begin with he has the ultra reliable and fastidious 2 Earth Birth Star. Directors will adore this methodical and detail-minded side of him. Anyone who wishes to argue with him will confront the sometimes conservative and provincial side of this Star.

His 7 Lake Inner Star brings out his polished and expressive nature. His 9 Fire Outer Star brings his proud and self-concerned nature to the forefront. Fire is always visible and so many successful actors have a Fire Star somewhere in their I Ching Astrology profile.



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