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Monday 22 June 2009

Prunella Scales

Born today in 1932, Prunella Scales achieved fame as the long suffering wife of Basil Fawlty in the award winning TV comedy series Fawlty Towers. Her I Ching Astrology profile of 5-7-3 was well matched and indeed complimented the farcical character that John Cleese portrayed as the hapless Basil Fawlty.

Cleese has the 7-9-3 profile. His 7 Lake Birth Star is actually supported by the controlling qualities of Scales 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star.

Meanwhile Cleese's 9 Fire Inner Star constantly niggles and attacked her gentler 7 Lake Inner Star. Fire controls Metal.

Finally - where the farce works so well is that they both have the same explosive, active, rash, intense, talkative and impatient 3 Thunder Outer Stars. A perfect match for this comedy!


Sunday 21 June 2009

Solstice Day is a 1 Water Day

Today marks the turning point of Chi for all of us from an I Ching Astrology perspective. Whichever hemisphere you live in, change begins today.

In addition the central Star today is that of the deep, cool and intuitive 1 Water Star. What does today hold in store for us all?

The 1 Water Star will experience change. Best to remain still today.

Likewise, the 4, 6 and 7 Birth Stars are all likely to sense and feel the changes that are in the air.

The 5 Thai Chi Stars can afford to look for great success and achievement.

However, it is the 8 and 9 Birth Stars that are full of stamina and youth today.

Ultimately, it is the day for the 3 Thunder Stars to reflect, party and bathe in the glory of their recent successes. Enjoy!


Saturday 20 June 2009

Iranian Elections

Despite being a successful war time leader, Winston Churchill was out of power at the first election, despite his brilliant and passionate 9 Fire Birth Star. Much the same is happening now in Iran.

Deep in his "winter", Mir Hossein Mousari, a 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star, only managed to get some 34% of the votes. His strong leadership stars are shared in history by leaders like Henry VIII, Mahatma Ghandi, Oliver Cromwell and Thomas Jefferson. But this year his Star is literaly dormant.

On the other hand, the "spring" is occupied by the 7 Lake Birth Star of Ayatollah Khameni - he is in the 3 Thunder house at present and you can expect more rhetoric.

The "late spring" is the current home of 8 Mountain Birth Star, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - he is on a roll. His I Ching Astrology profile is a complete mirror of Hillary Clinton's - best they avoid each other as the two are bound to clash!


Friday 19 June 2009

Friday is the 8 Mountain Day

Today the deep and contemplative 8 Mountain Star rules the day in I Ching Astrology. Its position does not suggest that the whole world will become quiet or meditative overnight but more that its influence will rub off on us all differently today.

These are my thoughts.

For the 7 Lake and 6 Heaven Stars the day is likely to be fast, creative and very energizing!

A little unpredictable and changeable for the 8 Mountain Star.

Quiet, still, spiritual, but powerfully productive on an inspirational level for the 2 Earth, 4 Wind and 5 T'ai Chi Stars.

Time to harvest, get paid, seal a contract or even to party for the fun loving 9 Fire Star and the bubbly 1 Water Star.

But ultimately the day shines brightly on the 3 Thunder Star! It is their day to be seen and noticed!


Thursday 18 June 2009

Carl Radle

Born today in 1942, the bass player Carl Radle had an enormous influence on the musicians of his generation. Sharing the same emotional 4 Wind Birth Star as Hendrix, he tragically died aged 37 in 1980. He literally held the band together with his bass and worked with Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, The Band, Buddy Guy and George Harrison - to name a few.

Radle had the creative and adaptable 4 Wind Star both as his Birth Star and as an Inner Star. A very sensitive and influential mix. It was after all Radle who persuaded a reticent Clapton to go on tour.

His 5 T'ai Chi Outer Star gave him an air of determination, persistence and strength. The downside of this Outer Star for him can be haughty, controlling and destructive.

Curious that he shares the same day, month and year as another bass player...Paul McCartney.


Wednesday 17 June 2009

Heaven Sent Support for Brown

It gets better daily for British Prime Minister Brown as he rides out the worst political storm of his career. His sensitive 4 Wind Birth Star already has the 8 Mountain Birth Star of Tessa Jowell by his side and now news emerges that he relies on the support of Ulster Secretary, Shaun Woodward, to prepare his weekly Commons clashes with the Opposition leaders.

Like Jowell, he has been given a base in the Cabinet Office.

You do not find a stronger combination of Stars than Woodward's very easily! His I Ching Astrology profile is dominated by the organised, calm, dignified and reliable 6 Heaven Birth Stars. Prudent, proud and rational, Woodward will provide a sharp edge to temper Brown's famous tantrums.

Other individuals with Woodward's profile have included: A.Wenger, J. Lennon, Pele, Larry Holmes, Jack Osbourne, Charles Bronson, Burt Lancaster, Dan Rather and John Keats.


Tuesday 16 June 2009

Brown finds his Mountain

Embattled British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has found a British Cabinet Minister to manage him through these turbulent waters of economic recession and a severe battering in recent poor election results for his party.

As a 4 Wind Birth Star he is literally in the Fire position in 2009, it is clearly exhausting him. His Inner Star is the uncommunicative and tenacious 8 Mountain Star and ideally he needs a 4 Wind or 3 Thunder Inner Star to help break him out of this tight spot.

To the rescue is Olympics Minister, Tessa Jowell, who also used to be a social worker. Perfect. She has the no nonsense 8 Mountain Birth Star, but more importantly she has the 4 Wind Inner Star that Brown needs. Furthermore her Outer is Star is Fire while he has the quieter and sometimes evasive or reserved 1 Water Star.


Monday 15 June 2009

Murray on Fire

British tennis star Andy Murray stormed to victory at the Queen's Club in London on Sunday. This is the first men's singles title won by a Brit in over 70 years. The Queens Trophy is widely regarded as the event to monitor prior to Wimbledon which begins in a week's time.

In the 9 Fire year of 2009 in I Ching Astrology, people with the 4 Wind Birth Star are in the Fire House which represents fame and success. Murray has the 4 Wind Birth Star. However, current Wimbledon Champion, Nadal, a 5 T'ai Chi Star is languishing in the 1 Water house-winter and stillness.

Murray needs to keep a sharp eye on Federer -the 1 Water Star- who this year borrows the north west house that belongs to the Heaven or Father Star. This position is usually occupied by the boss! June is also a 1 Water month and that puts Federer centre stage. I see the title going to Federer.


Sunday 14 June 2009

Donald Trump

American business magnate, TV personality, author and socialite, Donald Trump, was born in 1946. This gives him the successful, intelligent and sometimes vain 9 Fire Birth Star. In some cases the Fire influence can lead to an impulsive, fickle and flamboyant nature.

Deep down he is driven by the industrious and sociable 1 Water Inner Star. He also shares this Star with the host of the British version of The Apprentice-Sir Alan Sugar.

His 4 Wind Outer Star can make him moody, evasive, stubborn and emotional.

What I like about this combination of Fire, Water and Wind is that all these elements are almost intangible. On many levels this makes him operate on a purely intuitive nature.


Saturday 13 June 2009

Ban Ki-Moon

Born today in a humble village in Korea in 1944, the current UN Secretary-General has all the qualities in his I Ching Astrology

He shares the diplomatic and caring 2 Earth Birth Star with J F Kennedy, The Dalai Lama, Prince Hussein of Jordan, HM Queen Elizabeth II and Abraham Lincoln.

Beneath the surface he has the charming, reflective and listening 7 Lake Inner Star.

For inspiration, vision and leadership he has the 9 Fire Outer Star. This brings clarity and sagacity to the party.

Happy Birthday, Ban profile to make a success of diplomacy. On his appointment, 50,000 people celebrated in the soccer stadium in Chugju and several thousand feng shui practitioners have since visited the village of his birth to find out how someone so famous was born in such an obscure village.



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