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Sunday 31 October 2010

A new 2 Earth Month: time to reflect



A new 2 Earth month begins on Sunday, 7 November, according to I Ching Astrology's ancient solar calendar.

The iChi that prevails during Earth months reflects a certain stillness and stagnation. However, you may experience the urge to become more active, and may feel disappointed if you make the effort to socialise or air your ideas but are still ignored.

Above all, though, don't be discouraged. This is an excellent month for formulating plans and ideas, which you will be able to run with as we approach the New Year.

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Friday 15 October 2010

The Stars of the 33 Chilean Miners



I was elated when the 33 Chilean miners returned to the surface this week. As you know I am passionate about the 9 Stars of I Ching Astrology. I'm always looking and researching into dates of birth, politics, soccer events... you name it!

Looking at these 33 guys and their dates of birth a remarkable yet normal I Ching Astrology observation showed up.

Which is the toughest of the 9 Stars? I always pay huge respect to the 8 Mountain Star. There were nine of the 33 that had this Star.

Who else shows up to be tough or inspiring?

For inspiration look no further than the 9 Star. Six of them.

For leadership and drive you can rely on the 6 Heaven Star. There were five of them.

For the spirit of youth, vitality, stamina, enthusiasm look no further than a 3 Thunder Star. There were five of them. They include the second miner to be released, Mario Sepulveda. This guy already is a star! In addition, the 3 Thunder star in 2011 is in the 9 Fire house of fame and being noticed.

What about pivotal and powerful 5 T'ai Chi Star? In this situation there was only one. (It's best to have only one.) Guess who he was? The only Bolivian in the mine. The remaining miners are made up of four helpful 2 Earth Stars, two diplomatic 1 Water Stars, and finally two 7 Lake Stars playful and amusing Stars.

Many regard that the hero of this remarkable tale of human endurance was the shift boss, Louis Urzua. He had the powerful, grounded and driven 8 Mountain Birth Star. Bravo Louis!

I’ve had my own personal insight into what it’s like to be trapped underground. When I was 19 years old I worked 1,700 feet underground in a copper and gold mine near Tennant Creek in Australia much the same depth and similar conditions to these guys. On one occasion I was alone at 1,500 feet during a power failure that only lasted 30 minutes and in addition I had lost my hardhat and lamp. But that's another story! My point is that these guys endured these frightening conditions for 69 days and I have inkling what it must have been like, but my nightmare was 30 minutes and it felt like eternity.



Tuesday 12 October 2010

Wind Star empowers England



World soccer minnows, Montenegro, take on England tonight at Wembley Stadium, the Mecca of the English game, in a qualifier for the European Championship in 2012.

Never under-estimate an underdog, they do have teeth and their Balkan neighbours. Croatia and Slovenia, have taken smarting nips out of England's pride in recent years.

England are without key players, including John Terry, a 2 Earth Star, the latest casualty as he discovers the impact of being in the rapid 4 House this Month.

But influential and jaded Rio Ferdinand, a 4 Wind Star, leads the team. His 4 Star is in the 6 Heaven House of leadership this month. "England expects." No less!

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Sunday 3 October 2010

A new 3 Thunder Month



A new 3 Thunder month begins on Friday, 8 October, according to I Ching Astrology's ancient solar calendar.

A combination of good fortune and enthusiasm make 3 Thunder Months a lively and exciting time especially for those born under the 9 Fire and 4 Wind Stars. The high energy iChi offers real potenial, energy, verve, drive and spontaniety.

It is a time when half-realised plans and ambitions can be dusted off and brought to a successful conclusion.

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Monday 6 September 2010

A new 4 Wind Month



A new 4 Wind month begins on Wednesday, 8 September, according to I Ching Astrology's ancient solar calendar.

It looks like being a productive and contented month for most Birth Stars, although the Birth Stars ruled by the Earth element, 2 Earth, 5 T'ai Chi and 8 Mountain, and those ruled by metal, 6 Heaven and 7 Lake, need to maintain their poise and equilibrium in this high energy month, which represents the peak of spring.

The key is to focus on your pace and not velocity, not to burn out, Dreams can be built and fulfillied, and unfinished business brought to a very successful conclusion.

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Tuesday 17 August 2010

Download Your Own Starfinder



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Thursday 5 August 2010

A new 5 T'ai Chi Month



A new 5 T'ai Chi month begins on Saturday, 7 August, according to I Ching Astrology's 5000 year old solar calendar.

It's a powerful month for all Birth Stars, we are all in the house of our own Birth Star.

Key to a successful month is a sense of balance and circumspection. Aim to remain still and centred, as you may well feel the exuberant spirit of youth, a kid in a candy store if you like, with too many choices.

Stay focussed and the rewards can be transforming.

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Tuesday 6 July 2010

A new Heaven Month

Tomorrow a 6 Heaven Month begins, according to I Ching Astrology's 5000 year old solar calendar.

So, what does this mean for you?

Ruled as it is by the I Ching's Father trigram, July offers you clarity, determination and self-empowerment. Be wary, though, not to impose your will on others. You will feel so positive and right about what you are doing that you risk becoming inflexible, and that could cause friction. Having said that, it's a great month for losing the procrastination blues and getting down to getting things done.


Monday 28 June 2010

A good day to get real

“Humankind cannot bear very much reality,” mused poet T.S. Eliot (pictured). But on a 6 Heaven Day, we can use the strong, disciplined Chi to go beyond our fears and weakness for some thorough fact-finding and fact-facing.

This is how I see the outlook for your Birth Star today.

1 Water Star: Visibility can give you a totally new perspective.

2 Earth Star: You are in a very good position to answer a long-running question.

3 Thunder Star: The conditions to start any new venture are very promising.

4 Wind Star: The right attitude will change, inspire and achieve.

5 T’ai Chi Star: A new approach to rapid growth will uncover hidden resources.

6 Heaven Star: Take the advice you tend to give and you’ll get along fine.

7 Lake Star: Powerful day for stating your purpose and sticking to it.

8 Mountain Star: Face the facts, count the blessings and feel content.

9 Fire Star: Time to take inventory and look at your best option.

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Sunday 27 June 2010

Midsummer Gratitude

Your weekend: 25-27 June 2010

This weekend is a metaphor for the rest of the year. As we ride the crest of the midsummer energy, on this 9 Fire Friday, the inevitable consequence is reflection on the harvest of our year’s work to date. The very thing for an 8 Mountain Saturday. And on Sunday, we are in the House of the West, the setting sun and 7 Lake Star: the natural place for thanksgiving and celebration.

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